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Monday, December 23, 2013

A/L Re-Correction (Re-Scrutiny) Applications 2013

Applications for Re correction, re-scrutinizing of G.C.E A/L answer scripts will be accepted until 20th of next month(January 2014).
Commissioner General of Examinations Jayantha Pushpakumara says that students could apply for the re- scrutinizing of G.C.E A/L answer scripts until 20th of next month.
Application forms in this regard have been forwarded to the principals of schools along with result sheets. 
Private applicants should prepare their applications according to the model application that will be published in the national newspapers on Thursday. The Commissioner General requests to call 1911 if someone wish to obtain more information on the GCE A/Level results.

A/L Re-Correction (Re-Scrutiny) Applications Procedures

Step 1: Applicant obtains a sample application form a national newspaper.

Step 2: Based on the sample application, applicant prepares and fills Re-scrutiny form.

Step 3: Applicant goes to the post office and makes payments via money order

Step 4: Applicant then attaches the receipt to the application that is to be posted to the Department of Examinations.

Step 5: Application is posted to the Department of Examination

Step 6: The Department receives and processes the application

Step 7: The Department would then issue the Re-scrutinized results based on the application.

If the Applicant is a school candidate, the application should be forwarded through the school principal.

Rates for Payments:
GCE Ordinary Level - Rs. 100.00 per Subject
GCE Advanced Level - Rs. 150.00 per Subject

The Timeline
Obtaining an Application Form
Application forms will be available soon after the Department of Examinations publishes them on National newspapers.

Submission of the Application Form
Applications must be submitted before the dead line stated in the newspaper advertisement

If the application form has not been filled accordingly or if the receipt has not been attached the applicant will be disqualified.
The re-scrutiny results of GCE Advanced Level (A/L) examination to be released to  Web Site.


  1. Katahri law reg. Letter awada

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. what is the percentage will they give for the old syllabus (ampara medicine) for 2013/2014 academic year.anyone knows pls reply.

    1. this time no percentage.oyalawa wenama gann.ugc webpage gihin balanna.eke right side eke thiyanawa special note for 2013 A/L students kiyala link ekak.eke thiyanawa oyalawa select karana widiha.

  4. where cn i buy the recrctn form?if anyone knw.plz tl me

    1. U can see a Sample aplictn on a National Newspaper. I hope that they ddnt publish it yet, I'll let u knw if they publish.

    2. Hey dr... here is the sample of a re-scrutiny application.....
      If you r a school canDdate u should apply thru PrnCpl, if nt u shud aply privtly.

  5. When we will getback our recorection results of 2013 A/l?

    1. A/L recorection result ena dawasak tama nadda .....plz danna kenek inawanm kiyanawda

    2. April wala enawalu neda.May wala hand book 1.

  6. ane kawadaa recorection dapuwa ene

  7. mama bio kale..2013 A/L rslts wlin Island rank eka 455 ...mawa peradeniya mdcl fclty ekata select wei da ? and merit pass wlta ahu weida?

    1. oya merit thamai.480 wenakal merit.1200 n 40%

  8. Was a/l 2013 recorrection released?

  9. What happenned to AL 2013 recorrection? When will it be released?


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