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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Read Sri Lanka Government Gazette Paper Sinhala Tamil & English

Sri Lanka Government’s Gazette Paper Online

Sri Lanka Gazette in English (Use “Gazettes Tree View” Tab )
ශ්රී ලංකා ප්රජාතාන්ත්රික සමාජවාදී ජනරජයේ ගැසට් පත්රය නොමිලේ! 
ගැසට් පත්රය බැලීමට පහත ලින්ක් එක එන්ටර් කරන්න.
Sri Lanka Gazettes
GAZETTES are published on every Friday. Gazette Sinhala version is issued free with Dinamina newspaper every Friday. Gazette Tamil version is issued free with Thinakaran newspaper every Friday.

SECTION(I) for proclamations, appointments etc.
SECTION(IIB) is For Tenders and Auction sales
SECTION(IIA) is for Exams, Vacancies etc

ඔබ නැරඹිය යුතුම විඩියෝ 5 ක්..ඔබේ දරුවන්ටත් පෙන්වන්න...

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  1. How can i find Extraordinary Gazette Notifications No. 1821/1, 1821/3, 1821/4 and 1821/18, dated 29 July 2013

  2. 1681/3 special gazette dated 22 nov 2010

  3. ada gazzert 1(2013-12-37) thama dala nadda

  4. maths 3s z 1ka+ 0.2212 . in badulla distrc ndt /ndes yanna puluwanda?

  5. ousl engineering yanna 3s athida? general english onida?

    1. U ta foundation level 1krala ona dgree 1kata join wenna puluwan

  6. Dinamina Newspaper also provide government gazert too.

  7. when did nursing gazert?

  8. kawadda ruhunu palatata teaching gazett wenne?

  9. Daham Pasal Dharmacharya Exam eka pass Gurubawathunta Rajaye guru pathweem denawada? Ehemanam Kawadada?

  10. Uthuru medal palatata teaching gezzet karanne kawadada

  11. 2013 alz ayata vidyapeeta gazzet krlda?


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