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Thursday, January 30, 2014

National College of Education VidyaPeeta Gazette Release Jan-31-2014

National College of Education VidyaPeeta Gazette Release 2014 LankaUniversityNews

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National College of Education ජාතික අධ්යාපන විද්යාපීඨ "VidyaPeeta" Gazette to be Released January 31,2014. VidyaPeeta Details and draft Application Form will be released tomorrow with Dinamina Newspaper.
Government Gazette Online Here
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The gazette notification for admission to the colleges of education in 2014 will be issued on 31st. The gazette notification for admission to the colleges of education in 2014 to follow a pre-service teacher education course will be published in the government gazette on 31.01. 2014. 
The deadline for receiving applications is 21.02.2014.

Education Ministry Web Site -

How to select trainees to the National Colleges of Education Sri Lanka?
As per the requirement in the educational system, annual enrollment of trainees to the National Colleges of Education will be done through Government Gazette notification.
On receiving the applications, number of entrants will be decided according to based on the application receive. Eligibility to follow each subject/field will be notified in t he Government Gazette.
Trainees will be enrolled according to their 'Z' scores obtained at the GCE/AL to all subjects except English, ICT and Physical Education.
For English and ICT, applicants eligible with GCE/OL and GCE/AL, should have been appeared to the tendency test held by the Department of Examinations.  They will be admitted according to the scores that they obtained at this tendency test.
Regarding to the Physical Education, applicants eligible with GCE/OL and GCE/AL will be admitted giving priority to their scores obtained for talents in sports.  Schedule of sports and scores considering to grant such scores will be notified in the Government Gazette.

Recruitment Teachers to Sri Lanka Teachers' Service for National Schools Vacancies - 2014 (Sinhala, Tamil & English)
APPLICATIONS are called from A/L 2012 Students for National College of Education “VidyaPeeta” and relevant Gazete will be issued tomorrow with Dinamina Newspaper.

Syllabus available at each NCOE according to the medium
Sinhala medium
Tamil medium
English medium

1. Uva
Physical Education

Science, Maths
2. Nilwala
Science, Maths

3. Mahaweli
Second Language (Sinhala)
Second Language (Tamil)
4. Sariputta

5. Siyane
Science, Maths, Food Technology

Science, Maths
6. Vavuniya

Primary Education, Physical Education, Hinduism, Christianity R.C./ Christianity N.R.C.Agriculture, Commerce and Accounts

7. Sri Pada
Primary Education, Science, Maths,
First Language (Sinhala) 
Primary Education, Science, Maths, First Language (Tamil), Social Studies
Information Communication Technology
8. Addalachchenai         

Primary Education, Science, Maths, Islam, Special Education, First Language (Tamil)

9. Batticaloa

Science, Maths, Technology Education, Art/Drawing, Drama and Theatrical Arts, Social Studies

10. Pasdunrata

11. Pulathisipura
Primary Education, Agriculture

12. Wayamba
Christianity R.C./ Christianity N.R.C., Art/Drawing, Dance, Music, Drama and Theatrical Arts, First Langugae (Sinhala), Commerce & Accounts

13. Ruwanpura

Information Communication Technology
14. Ruhuna
Primary Education, Food Technology,
First Language (Sinhala), Second Language (Sinhala), Social Science

15. Jaffna

Primary Education, Science, Maths, Special Education, Art/Drawing, Dance, Music, Drama and Theatrical Arts
Science, Maths, English
16. Dharga Town

Primary Education, Food Technology, First Language (Tamil)
Information Communication Technology
17. Hapitigama
Primary Education, Buddhism, Special Education
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Government Gazette Online Here

Hapitigama National College of Education Contact Number - 033-2273201
Pasdunrata National College of Education Contact Number - 0342237458

Contacts Numbers - Click here 
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  1. In Jaffna Nation College of education Only 7 Subject is available no Aesthetic Subject from 2013 passed out batch

  2. siyane ncoe eke english medium science walata cutoff z-score 1 danna kenek comment karnna plz..

    1. It depends on your district (How many vacancies in 2017 and how many applied), Anyway Siyane NCOE English Medium Science interview will be held on 30th May 2014 and the course starts around 30th June 2014. You will get a registered letter from Siyane NCOE asking you to come for interview by now if you qualify.

    2. Mama hambantota. Hema district 1kama lamaita science eng. mediam interview tiyenne 30 may da? Ane apata nam tama letter awe ne. Mehe danna katawat awit ne. Mage z 0.7809 mata letter ewida? Plz reply.

    3. I think you have applied to Nilwala since you are from Hambanthota. 30th interview is at Siyane, You can call and ask from Nilwala NCOE. The course will start on 30th June 2014. So you will be called for interview before that if you are selected.

    4. mama Puuttalam.Mage z-score 0.3805 .mawa vidyapeeta select weida?thama mata letters awe naha.mama vidyapeeta cl karala ahuwama kiwwe Z-score 1.5678n ehala ayawa select karanne kiyala .a z eken ape medicinuth gannawa.

    5. me weddi science course 1ta select unu ayata letters ewalada?? katahari awoth kiyanna plz..

  3. i applied for special education jaffna. but i didnot received any letter

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. my result account-A economic-B business-B my z score 0.7807 in vavuniya. i applied for special education in jaffna college. but i did not receive any letter FOR THE INTERVIEW..PLZ REPLY ME

  6. dear sir\ madam, Vidyapita English entrance exam thiyenne kawadada? please reply me

  7. Rathnapura district maths course ekata interview awa kenek innawanam comment ekak danna please...

  8. sinhala ayata interview latter awada kiyala dannawada?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. English and IT exam will be held on 14th June 2014. letter came today.

  11. Ruwanpura IT admission test ekata thiyenne "Mathematical Skills" kiyala paper ekak, Kauru hari dannwada past papers ganna thanak?

    1. Past papers nam math hoyanawa dr...mathematical skills kiwama IT side eke maths ei kyala hithanawa...hariyatama danne ne..number systems walin,logic gates walin wage...hariyatama danne ne..oyata hambunoth matath kiyanna...

  12. english exam paper eka koi wageda,hadenne kila kuru hari dannawada?

  13. sinhala walin viddya peeta dapu katahari interview awada?plz reply

  14. English Meduim science interview cl karala ewarada?Plz reply

  15. Science sinhala,english medium interview 1st round may 29,30 thibila kiyala kiyanawa dear...

    1. english medium science course 1ta select unu katahari register wenna lettr aewithda?? awoth kiyanna..

  16. IT paper 1 enne MCQ vitharada??apita past paper 1k balannawath hoyaganna nethi weida??

  17. Primary inerview gihin selected letter eka apu kauruhari innawanam reply karanawada?


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