Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Muthu Ahura 2 Education Paper for Grade 2 students Launched

Muthu Ahura Education Paper Sri Lanka‘Muthu Ahura 2’, a new monthly education paper for Grade 2 students will be launched today by Lake House the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd.

Lake House Chairman and Managing Director Bandula Padmakumara and the Board of Directors will be participated for the opening ceremony.
Early January this year Muthu Ahura 1 was successfully launched and it is now very popular among Grade 1 students.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

SB 's Media Secretary Mangala Janaka Passed Away-Deepest Sympathy

Mangala Janaka(Right) with me & Gayan
Deepest Condolence !!
May You Attain Nibbana !!!

Mr. Mangala Janaka, the Media secretary of Higher Education minister S.B. Dissanayaka, passed away today. (27 April)

He was receiving treatment for his illnesses for 11 days in the Colombo General Hospital.

The body is now kept at his residence in Kurunagala and the final felicitations will be held at the Kurunegala Public cemetery on Monday April 29.

Mr. Janaka, who had served for a long time with Minister Dissanayaka was also a friendly figure among the media.Extracted from Mirror

Deepest Sympathy LankaUniversity News

Mr.Mangala Janaka