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University of London, Sri Lankan Degree Courses start

University of London, Sri Lanka Degree Courses starts
Good Oppurtunity for Sri Lanka Students who wish to have Degree in Law , Finance, Accounting Economics or Banking.

Study in Sri Lanka, graduate from the University of London
Degrees in Law, Accounting, Finance, Banking management, Economics, Politics & international relations

Find out about the University of London International Foundation Program. 

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The University of London LLB - leading the global legal student community

The University of London Bachelor of Laws (LLB) has the world’s largest student law community, with more than more than 19,000 students worldwide. For over 120 years students in Sri Lanka have had the opportunity to study for a University of London degree. Today there are nearly 1,200 students studying law in Sri Lanka.
The University of London Undergraduate Laws Programme is governed academically by the law schools of six University of London Colleges. Five of these Colleges (LSE, UCL, Queen Mary, Kings, Birkbeck) are ranked in the top 50 in Europe for law (QS European Rankings 2015).

The University of London LLB has been updated over the years to remain relevant to current needs. Simon Askey, Director of the University of London Undergraduate Laws Programme, says: “We have made changes in terms of increasing flexibility to make it easier to study while you are working and to allow people to study at their own pace.”

A key goal of the degree is to develop students’ ability to think like a lawyer. Simon Askey explains: “The course materials are structured to help students develop these skills so that by the end of the programme they know how to find the law, what the law is and – more importantly – how to use it to solve problems.”

Students can become part of the the global learning community through online study forums and the opportunity to participate in groups on social media. Students may also attend weekend workshops in London, where they meet other students and attend lectures.

The University of London law degree is particularly valuable in Sri Lanka and other Commonwealth countries because it is based on ‘common law’, and around one third of the world’s population, including those in Sri Lanka, live in countries where the legal system is based on common law.

University of London graduates in Sri Lanka have the opportunity to get involved with the local alumni chapter and attend regular events hosted by the University of London. Simon Askey explains: “They're very important in bringing together recent graduates with older graduates which creates a valuable network for alumni, which is particularly valuable for those those working in the legal profession.”

Simon Askey attends graduation celebrations hosted by local teaching institutions in Sri Lanka and around the world. “Not all students can come to the graduation ceremony in London, and there's nothing people like more than their whole family being able to celebrate with them. It's important to make the celebrations of student achievement truly global, as well as the opportunity to study.”

·        Students can study for a University of London LLB at Royal Institute of Colombo, CfPS Law School and Horizon Campus, so they get the benefit of face-to-face teaching and activities that can help develop legal skills.

Find out more about studying for a University of London law degree in Sri Lanka at our open days in July, run jointly with local teaching institutions.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

GCE O/L Examination Re-Correction Results released on July 30

Re Correction Results (Re-scrutiny Results) GCE A/L ReleasedDepartment of Examinations has announced that the results of the GCE O/L Examination papers that were subjected to re correction, will be released on July 30.
Commissioner General of Examinations, W.M.N.J Pushpakumara said that the over 100,000 students had applied for re-correction of examination papers this time around.
Results will be either sent to schools, or to the residence of those who applied privately.
In addition, the Commissioner General of Examinations says that measures are being taken to release the results via the internet. The commissioner general of examinations went on to note that the results will be released one month early, in comparison to the previous years.

Candidates can check their exam results through 

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