Wednesday, June 17, 2020

2020 A/L Exam postponed. Exam is on October 12 to November 6

Government considering to postpone A/L Exam again. Exam is on October 12 to November 6. Relevant exam timetable will release soon and students can download it from school's website,

Earlier, Sri Lanka Education minister Dullas Alahapperuma has advised officials to explore whether there is a need to postpone the Advanced Level examination.

Minister told a meeting that a group of students had requested him to postpone the A/L exam, which is scheduled on September 7. Students have requested to postpone exam at least by three weeks.

Meanwhile issuing a statement Education Ministry says final decision on the date of the examination will be decided July first week soon after schools reopen.

“I spoke to the education secretary and asked him to inquire whether the time is not enough for students to prepare for the exams,” the minister said.

Education Ministry considering postpone 2020 A/L Exam again

Schools will gradually re-open in four stages starting from July 6, a move which will end a nearly four-month lockdown, that came into effect after COVID-19 started spreading in the country.

Issuing a statement Ministry says final decision on the date of the examination will be decided soon after schools reopen in July. Education Ministry Secretary says that A/L examination date will be reconsidered after conducting discussions with students, principals and teachers.

Earlier Minister said 2020 A/L Exam will be held from September 7 to October 2. Relevant time table will be released soon after dates are confirmed.

The relevant time table has NOT yet published and timetable will be released soon to examination department official website. Download the A/L exam time table ONLY from examination department official website. There are some news websites & social media sites have posted wrong and fake A/L time tables.

Sri Lanka Education Ministry decided to open schools from June 29 Monday under four stages.

Ministry has decided to reopen schools from June 29 Monday.

1 – According to the ministry, under first stage all teachers and Principals request to report to schools for the initial preparations.

2- Under second stage, Grade 13, Grade 11 and Grade 5 students request to report schools on July 6.

3- Under the 3rd stage, Grade 10 & 12 students request to report schools on July 20

4- Under the 4th stage, Grade 3, 4, 6, 7 , 8, 9 request to report schools on July 27.

No decision has been taken to reopen schools for Grade One and Two students.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A/L Vocational Stream Applications for Grade 12 Admissions

Applications are called for student admissions to Grade 12 under the A/L Vocational Stream. A/L Vocational Stream Applications for Grade 12 Admissions. O/L Pass or Fail students may apply for admission selecting schools from the 423 schools (please obtain the list of schools here) that will implement the Vocational Stream 2020 onwards. Success (pass) or failure (fail) of the student at the G.C.E O/L examination is not considered in enrolling students to this stream.

Under the Vocational Stream, upon undergoing studies in respective schools in Grade 12, students will be able to complete a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) level 04 course under one of the following listed subject areas in Grade 13.

1.      Child Psychology and Care
2.      Health & Social Care
3.      Physical Education and Sports
4.      Performing Arts
5.      Event Management
6.      Arts and Crafts
7.      Interior Designing
8.      Fashion Designing
9.      Graphic Designing
10.  Tourism and Hospitality Management
11.  Landscaping
12.  Applied Horticultural Studies
13.  Livestock Product Studies
 14.  Food Processing Studies
15.  Aquatic Resource Studies
16.  Plantation Product Studies
17.  Construction Studies
18.  Automobile Studies
19.  Electrical and Electronic Studies
20.  Textile and Apparel Studies
21.  Metal Fabrication Studies
22.  Aluminum Fabrication Studies
23.  Art and Designing
24.  Environmental Studies
25.  Computer Hardware & Networking
26.  Manufacturing

Advanced Level Vocational Stream (Thirteen Years Guaranteed Education Programme)

Deadline for accepting applications: 03rd July 2020 (Friday)

For more details please contact the numbers 011 278 7136 / 011 278 6746 between 9.00 A.M. to 4.00 P.M. on weekdays.

Sinhala A/L Vocational Stream Applications for Grade 12 Admissions download via

Advanced Level Vocational Stream (Thirteen Years Guaranteed Education Programme) Call for Applications for Grade 12 Admissions - 2020

Any students who fail or pass O/L Exam will be enrolled for 423 schools across the country covering all Education Zones. Students will be awarded with an opportunity to attend a school of their choosing to pursue Vocational Studies.

In addition, students can follow 26 individual vocational courses and complete level 04 of the national qualification.

For more Information students are advised to contact the ministry on 011-2787136 or 011-278674.

Further information can be accessed via

Sinhala - Here

English - Here