Monday, August 17, 2020

All Universities reopen in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka University Grant Commission UGC decided to reopen the universities. UGC to reopen the universities from August 17 Monday for all years. First, Second and Third year students’ exams dates will be announced later. Examinations of 4th-year students of all universities already started. Earlier UGC decided to reopen the universities following two months long coronavirus vacation from June 15. Under the re-opening process, Medical Faculties of all state universities for final year students reopened from June 15.

“The UGC Chairman Prof Sampath Amaratunga says that lectures conducted online due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic have shown remarkable progress. All universities under National University System will commence their academic activities on August 17,” he said.

Addressing a press conference in Colombo Prof Amaratunga said the examinations of the third year students of medical faculties continued uninterrupted from July 15.

He added that all universities should comply with guidelines issued by the heatlh authorities to prevent the spread of Covid - 19.

Commenting on the hostel facilities at universities, the UGC Chairman said that only one student was allowed to occupy a hostel room due to concerns regarding the spread of the virus. “Accommodation facilities will be provided at universities as usual with the resumption of academic activities,” he said.

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Universities opening dates

  • Final year examinations of all medical faculties started from June 15.
  • Examinations of 4th-year students of all universities commenced from the June 22.
  • Faculties of Arts, Science, Law and Education at the University of Colombo reopened for exams on June 29.
  • Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Peradeniya reopened on June 28.
  • Exams of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura continued from August 04.

First, Second and Third year students’ exams dates will be announced later.

All universities are expected to conclude the final year exams by August 15, the UGC chairman said.

Decision was taken by UGC after consult with health officials. Currently Sri Lanka is continuously taking measures against the coronavirus. The Government has made arrangements to provide the maximum possible facilities for students to distantly continue their education.

On March, Sri Lanka’s University Grants Commission ordered all universities to close after the country announced its first COVID-19 case.

Ministry of Higher Education has been informed to review the present situation and with the agreement of the University administrations and University Grant Commission UGC decide the date to open the universities for students.

Sri Lanka’s University Grants Commission has acknowledged that new admissions to universities could also be delayed due to the closures and public sector shutdowns as the government declared special holidays and curfew.

This is the fourth occasion that all universities have been closed in Sri Lanka. In 2019, all universities and schools closed after the deadly blasts in churches and hotels that killed hundreds of people on Easter Sunday. The closure lasted a month.

In August 2012, the government closed all universities after a two-month lecturer strike, while in November 2013, universities closed for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Professor Sampath Amaratunga added that in collaboration with the Ministry of Health a circular on healthcare measures to be taken to prevent coronavirus infection in universities will be issued soon in near future.

Unemployed graduates selected name list for government jobs released now

Sri Lanka Government released the selected list of unemployed graduates who gets jobs under 50,000 employement for unemployed university graduates program. Selected full list of graduates eligible for employment published HERE - FULL NAME LIST RELEASED.

Government requests them to report to work from September 2.
Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa decides to re-commence, without delay, the programme to provide employment opportunities to 150,000 persons that was halted due to the General Election.

The relevant selected full list of graduates eligible for employment will be published on the official website of the Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government on August 17. Website -

Selected full list of graduates eligible for employment published HERE - FULL NAME LIST RELEASED.

The respective Ministry will commence sending letters of appointment to those who got selected immediately. Appointed candidates should report to their nearest Divisional Secretariat DS office on September 2.

The programme to provide employment to 100,000 poorest of the poor will be implemented by the Task Force established solely for this purpose from 02nd, September.

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The number of unemployed university graduates to be recruited is 50,000. For the remaining 100,000 jobs, candidates will be selected from families of the lowest strata of income earners in the society.

The programme to employ 50,000 graduates and 100,000 low-income earners was formulated within weeks after President Rajapaksa assuming office in November 2019.

Shortlisting suitable candidates from applications received from graduates commenced in the first week of February. A Multi-Purpose Development Task Force was established to recruit 100,000 low-income earners. The objective of the programme is to transform Sri Lanka into a country free from poverty as per the “Saubhagyaye Dekma” policy statement of the President.

Chairman of the Election Commission directed to suspend the program to offer jobs for 150,000 unemployed persons following the announcement of the General Election 2020. Accordingly, the programme was suspended. Immediately after the conclusion of the General election on the 5th of August, President Rajapaksa took measures to establish the executive of the Government adhering to the provisions given in the Chapter VIII of the Constitution.

The Prime Minister of the new government took oaths on Sunday, the 9th of August. The Secretary to the Prime Minister was appointed on the following day. A week after the election on August 12, both Cabinet ministers and state ministers were sworn in. Secretaries to the Ministries were appointed on the following day (August 13). The inaugural parliamentary session will ceremonially commence on the next Thursday (20). Following the formal establishment of the administration, the President has decided to implement the programme of providing 150,000 employment opportunities without any delay.

Selected full list of university graduates eligible for employment will be released to the official website of the Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government on August 17. The Website is Download the name list.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Colombo International Book Fair on September at BMICH

The Colombo International Book Fair 2020, organized by the Sri Lanka Book Publishers Association for the 22nd consecutive year, begins on September 18 at the BMICH, Colombo. The books exhibition will run till September 27, from 9 am to 9 pm every day. Organizers have arranged special health and COVID19 safety measures.

2020 Colombo International Book Fair on September at BMICH

This is a good news for book lovers. Colombo International Book Fair CIBF 2020 begins at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) from the September 18th Friday to the 27th Sunday. CIBF is considered as the Sri Lanka’s largest book Exhibition. There will be strict safety measures due to ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

When is Colombo Book Fair begin?

Here is a great chance for Pre-schools, school students, university students and higher education students to buy Books, Magazines and Stationery at special discounts. The Colombo international Book fair 2020 will be held from September 18 to 27th at 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Colombo International Book Fair 2020 - Largest Books Exhibition in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Book Publishers Association is organizing the fair for the 22nd year. Book Publishers Association says there will be about 400 stalls both local and foreign. Around 150 publishing companies will participate in the fair this year. Entrance is free for schoolchildren, university students, members of the clergy and armed forces personnel (in uniform). Others charge a fee of Rs.20 or Rs. 50. Fee is not yet finalized.

CIBF is the largest book exhibition in Sri Lanka and event held annually drawing crowds from all parts of the island.

Special Discounts
The Book Fair will see publishers, importers and retailers of books in English, Sinhala and Tamil as well as stationery, offering their products at various discounts. Pre-schools, Schools and universities can get special discounts. Also discounts ranging from 5% to 70% grants at the event and lot of Bargain Books available at the exhibition. The fair starts at 9.00 am and end 9.00 pm.

Large Crowd
Last year Book Fair (CIBF) visited by a million customers during the nine days period. Due to coronavirus outbreak, there will be special health and safety regulations.

Therefore large crowd will be visiting day time, Hence if you want select books freely recommended visit at night. Special shuttle bus service has arranged from Bambalapitiya to Borella. Because of the possible traffic, Police to launch special Traffic plan. In addition Police provides special parking plan near BMICH till September 27.

#CIBF #CIBF2020 will be this year hashtag for social media.