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2016 Korean Language Registration Forms Out - Exam Details via

Korean Language Exam October 11 & 12  2014
Korean Exam News Here >>>>>>

Korean Exam Details Here >>>>> 

2016 /2017 Korean Language Proficiency Online Exam Registration Forms out now

The registration forms for the Korean Language Proficiency Examination will issued on June 20-23, 2016 at 15 centres islandwide, Foreign Employment Bureau sources said.

This will be the first exam to be held under the Point System. The Korean Language Proficiency examination prevailed earlier as a written examination but the Human Resources Department of Korea decided to hold it as an online examination in order to overcome shortcomings which prevailed with the written examination.

The online examination is scheduled to be held in July this year at CBT Center in Depanama, Pannipitiya.

Foreign Employment Minister Thalatha Athukorala urged those wanting to sit for the examination to obtain information only from the Foreign Employment Bureau without going to a third party. She also urged applicants to make all payments via the Foreign Employment Bureau and not through unscrupulous third parties.

Exam Details / Exam Results & Applications to sit Korean language exam can be obtain via official website.

Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) says that the applications for the Korean Language Proficiency Examination (KLPE) would be issued Soon.

Korean Exam Details Admission Results & Contact Numbers - Sri Lanka

Korean Exam News Here >>>>>>

Applications to sit Korean language exam issued from April 27 to 30.

14th Korean Language Proficiency Examination 2015 June 13 & 14

The Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau says that the 14th Korean Language Proficiency Examination will be held in next June.  Accordingly, the exams are to be conducted on the 13th and 14th of June, based on an Agreement of understanding between Sri Lanka and Korea.  

Korean Exam News Here >>>>>>

Korean Exam Details Here >>>>> 

කොරියානු භාෂා විභාග June 13 & 14
කොරියානු භාෂා විභාගයේ රවේශපත 

The Bureau says that applications have to be submitted only for the jobs in the Fisheries and Construction Sectors.  The registration of applications will be conducted from the 11th to the 14th of this month at 14 centres in the country.  The activities commence at 9.00 am on each day.  A sum of 32 dollars is to be paid as examination charges.The attendance of the applicant is compulsory at the registration

කොරියානු භාෂා විභාග October 11 & 12
කොරියානු භාෂා විභාගයේ රවේශපත අගෝස්තු 11 වැනිදා සිට

12 වන කොරියානු රැුකියා භාෂා රවීණතා විභාගය සඳහා රවේශපත නිකුත් කිරීම අගෝස්තු 11 වැනිදා සිට 14 වැනිදා දක්වා සිදුකිරීමට කටයුතු යොදා තිබෙන බව ශී ලංකා විදේශ සේවා නියුක්ති කාර්යාංශය පවසනවා. එහි නියෝජ් සාමාන්යාධිකාරී මංගල රන්දෙනිය කියා සිටියේ දිවයින පුරා පිහිටි මධ්යස්ථාන 14 කදී මෙම රවේශපත නිකුත් කරන බවයි.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Clash at Vavuniya Campus

Clash reported between second year & third year students of Vavuniya Campus short while ago. It is reported that several students sustained minor injuries. At the moment police have come to the university.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 University Leadership Training Program 2nd Batch Name list released (3rd Batch Name List Oct 3rd week)

University Leadership training program 2nd Batch selected students Name list released to the Official Web Site.

Official Web Site - >>>>>

The University leadership training program for Sri Lankan students who have qualified to enter University for the 2013/2014 academic year will commence on September 7th.
The program (Development of 
Leadership Qualities and Positive Thinking)is scheduled to start at 22 Army Camps islandwide under 3 stages with the participation of 23,300 students.
This is the 5th phase of the program and Leadership Trainig started on 2010.

The 1st Batch is to be started September 7th – September 27th
2nd Batch will start October 4th October 24th
3rd Batch will commence from October 30th November 21.

The selected students name list will be published in the internet and will send letter in future.

Through logging this web site students can check whether they have selected for the program.
The names of students selected will be available at and web sites after releasing.

A certificate will be awarded to every university students participated to the program and the certificate will be vital for university admission and future interviews.
The University leadership training program is not a compulsory but it is a very important training to students. Those who have medical issues can avoid the program but should send a request letter the Higher Education Ministry. There was a very positive response from the students who attended the last year leadership training program.
Some students who participated in last year program told to LankaUniversity-News that the program was an unforgettable experience and described it as a special privilege provided by the Sri Lankan Government to evaluate their future plans to pursue higher education with a university oriented mindset.

Follow below Links for Sample Letters
Leadership Training Letter – Sinhala
Leadership Training Letter – Tamil
Leadership Training Letter – English

The ministry has made several appropriate changes to this year leadership Training program in accordance with the proposals and ideas of the academics and the VCs.

Measures have also been taken to reduce the physical training exercises during the program. Accordingly, the morning physical training program has been compact.
Measures have already been taken to increase the interval period between training periods and to assign university lecturers as much as possible to conduct lectures which had been earlier conducted by Army instructors he added.
The Leadership Training Program has made a tremendous impact on university entrants during the past few years. Students have much-admired the Government for providing a systematic training to develop their personalities.
The Higher Education Ministry has allocated over Rs.100 million to provide food, transport,books (Poshana Athwela and Nawaka Wadaya) Caps and T-shirts (Future Leaders T- Shirt) to the university entrants who take part in this training program.
Development of  Leadership Qualities and Positive Thinking Sri Lanka CampusA 3 -week training program of this nature would cost a student around Rs. 50,000. The program provides systematic training to youth in psychological, physical, health, sports and fitness training exercises. It would educate youth on solving problems in a scientific manner and improving their mental and physical condition.
The Ministry formulated this program to provide systematic training to help make a mentally and physically-fit university student.

Things you should convey for the Training

·        National ID
·        3 Passport Size Photos
·        1 White Canvass Shoe
·        2 pair of White Socks
·        2 T-shirts
·        2 Long Sleeves shirts (male)
·        2 Blue shorts (male)
·        2 Black or Blue trousers
·        2 Sarees (female)
·        1 Bottom trouser
·        1 pair of Black shoe
·        1 pair of Sandals
·        1 White cap
·        2 white bed sheets
·        2 white pillow cases
·        1 Towel
·        1 soap
·        1 toothpaste
·        1 toothbrush
·        1 shoe polish
·        1 Plate
·        1 Cup
·        1 Traveling Bag
·        2 file covers
·        2 pens

(You can use your school uniforms for above cloths requirements)

Twenty five Army camps in the North and East, Colombo, Kandy and Galle districts have been selected for the program.

The program's aim is to develop leadership skills and change the undergraduates' attitudes. The training comprises both theory and practical sessions including indoor and outdoor activities. Every student who is participating in the program has to follow a daily routine.

The leadership training program has been organized by a special committee comprising university lecturers.

Program Consist of:

The future vision of Sri Lanka
Global changes
Achieving long term developments
Physical exercises
First aid
Leadership qualities and leadership
Laws and rituals of the society
Team work
Presentation Skills

Lecturers will conduct these sessions with the support of the Defense Ministry, Tri Forces, Police, and Vice Chancellors of all universities, University Grant Commission and its affiliated institutions.

Students have to wake up at 4 am and participate in exercises. Lectures follow after this. The students would be trained in team work, presentation skills, visionary thinking and conflict resolution. Students have to learn about waking up on time, how to do exercises, working on time, how to study well, how to do team work, how to eat properly and how to respect others.

The Ministry last year introduced a leadership training program to new entrants to universities to be carried out every year and this year leadership training gave to Buddhist monks who enter the Buddhist University or any state university in Sri Lanka.

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