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  1. I want to studying External Degree (GAQ) pls. give some ideas

    1. I think open university is best place for it

  2. What are the best web development courses in around colombo?

  3. Mn 2013 a.l kere. Commerce stream. Mage distrikt rank eka 244. Island rank eka 4015. Z.score eka 1.6084. Mata campus yna puluwn weida? Plz. Dnna kenek innawnam kynna..

  4. mama 2013 A/L Commerce.badulle.d rank84.I rank kohe ahuweida.mata krn puluwan degrees monada plz tell me

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Dr Frnd mohan,
    ahuwna puluwn digree university mokak weida? Kandy welin Kelani university puluwn weida?

  7. my z score is 1.233 and i did commerce from Colombo. can i go to university plz tel me????????????

  8. Mama Badulla district, mage z score aka 1.8136. Badulla Law walata Z score1.9101 . mate law walata enter wenna puluwan weyda

  9. thilina:b com nam tikak sure ne kelani ,,et sometime select wei ,,eta wada mnagemnt karana eka hondaine,, oyata wayamba mnagemnt sometime select wei

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. bio karala district rank eka400 unoth campus gihakida?pls tell me

  12. kalamanakarana degree ekakin yanna puluwan job monawada?
    ba degree ekedi teaching walata hoda subject monawada?

  13. when will be issued the cutoff marks 2014????

  14. i sat al exame in biology from matale district @2013. z score is 1.5317 can i enter to IT Moratuwa?
    please kindly answer this.

  15. agri culture diploma walata hoda train ganna pulwan kohenda. danna kenek innawanam kiyanna.


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