Monday, October 31, 2011

Non-academic Strike in Sri Lanka

Non-academic staffs of the universities of Sri Lanka have decided to launch a islandwide strike from November 02.
Jayalath Muththettuwegedara told that Sri Lanka government recently increased the salaries of the academic staff of the universities and the salary anomalies of the non-academic staff were not yet increased.

After the Sri Lankan government agreed to grant university lecturer's pay demands. Sri Lanka University Executive Officers' Association and the Inter University Federation of University Non-academic Staff are in discussions now to initiate a joint trade union action demanding salary increases similar to the salary increase university academics received.

The Chairman of the University Executive Officers' Association Jayalath Muttettuwegedara says that the University Grants Commission, the Minister of Higher Education and the President have been informed of their demands.

The official argued that all non-academic staffs of the universities should also be granted the salary increases in same percentages. He urged the authorities to rectify the salary anomalies in line with the circular number 879 of the University Grants Commission.