Thursday, September 6, 2012

Solve university Teachers Problem-Students Protest Sri Lanka

Colombo University Students of Sri Lanka launched a Sathyagraha Campaign in front of University Grants Commission (UGC) today. Meanwhile Police Used Water cannons to disperse the students.
Due to this tense situation, Heavy traffic was reported. Seven students have been taken into custody by the Police and later released. Five students were arrested by the Police.
Sathyagraha campaign against current university crisis and students urge the government to
In Sri Lanka there are protests and boycotts by both academics and students calling on the government to work for resolve the issues faced by lecturers. In some cases, police fired teargas and water cannons to disperse protestors. But the demands of academics have not yet been met and their strike is still on.

The union FUTA is demanding that the government allocate 6% of Sri Lanka’s gross domestic product to education, grants universities independence from political interference, and increases lecturer salaries by 20%.

Academics launched their strike on 4 July, paralysing higher education institutions, suspending the academic activities of around 70,000 undergraduate students and affecting examinations.