Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sri Lanka University Lecturers (FUTA) end strike

Sri Lanka FUTA Strike has been called off.

Much anticipated, much awaited news of the week, Sri Lanka FUTA Strike has been called off.

Sri Lanka’s longest university lecturer’s strike which runs over three months has called off by the FUTA today.
The decision came out after the crucial discussions with the government ended with a positive outcome and governement finally agreed to fulfill FUTA’s several demands.
All arrangements have been made to re commence the academic activites of all universities from Monday October 15.
FUTA said ready to start evaluation of A/L papers that was delayed more than two month due to the strike of the university teachers.
Federation of University Teachers' Associatio (FUTA), the major lecturer association in Sri Lanka, with more than 4,000 academic members, is demanding that the government allocate 6% of Sri Lanka’s gross domestic product (GDP) to education, grant universities independence from political interference and increase lecturer salaries by 20%.