Friday, November 30, 2012

Jaffna University Attack Condemn:Class Boycott

Jaffna University Students Attack Clash with Police Sri Lakna

The Terrorist Investigation Department (TID) of Sri Lanka has arrested four students of Jaffna University yesterday on suspicions of terrorist activities.
The four students, Secretary of the Jaffna University Students' Union, P. Darshanth, S.Soloman, Ganeshamoorthy Sudarshan and Kanakasuntharaswamy Janaka Jeyan have been arrested by the TID Sri Lanka. 

Old News:

Several university students’ union and civil movements in Sri Lanka have condemned the attack on students of the Jaffna University by the Police on November 28.

Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF), the major students’ union in Sri Lanka has condemned the attack on students of the Jaffna university by the Police. 

IUSF has staged several protests yesterday in front of the Ruhuna and Peradeniya universities to condemn the brutal attack and hope to launch more protests to safeguard the students’ rights.

Meanwhile National Organizer of the Socialist Students' Union Nalinda Jayathissa also condemned the attack and said this is not the first time that military has launched attack on Jaffna Students.

Teacher's union in Sri Lanka, the Ceylon Teachers' Union condemned the attack on the students and said the police had attacked a peaceful protest.

Tamil National People’s Front thoroughly condemns this brutal activity and issued a statement saying that they will organize a protest campaign on December 4 at 11.00 am -12.00 pm in the Jaffna bus stop.

Students at Jaffna University in Sri Lanka have started a two-day boycott of classes after clashes with Police on November 28.

Students of the Jaffna University staged peaceful protest in the university premises Wednesday. Students were protesting on condemning the brutal attacks carried out by the Lankan army and police personals entered to the male and female hostels on November 27.
More than 200 university students protested in front of the University and the protestors wanted that the international community or United nation to intervene to stop the military harassment in the Jaffna area.
When the peaceful protest was held in the Parameswara junction, about 200m from the university Sri Lankan troops opened fire then rushed the crowd, beating students with their rifle butts.
About fifty students injured and five admitted to the hospital. Five students have arrested by the police and later released according to the reports.
Sri Lankan Police spokesman Prishantha Jayakodi said the police used minimum force to prevent the students from staging an illegal march while carrying placards.

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