Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rajarata University News 6 undergrads suspended

Six undergraduates of the Rajarata University were suspended for a period up to five years last Monday (21), the Rajarata University Students' Union claimed.

The students have been suspended for participating in student union activities, including protest marches and leaflet distribution campaigns student activists alleged.

The Inter-University Students' Federation (IUSF) told , the suspensions have been issued for a period of five years for having campaigned against an earlier suspension of several students.

Meanwhile, Rajarata University Students Union President, Anura Isuru Bandara, told  that undergraduates of the Rajarata University are currently engaged in a token Satyagraha campaign and it will turn into a continuous Satyagraha campaign, if the suspensions are not lifted.

Meanwhile, University Registrar, A.G. Karunaratne, said that the disciplinary action against the students were taken based on a decision made by the university's disciplinary committee.

"There was an inquiry conducted against the students and the final decision was made according to the university bylaws. It was made with the recommendation of the disciplinary committee," he said.

Source - CeylonToday