Thursday, October 3, 2013

South Eastern University Students Clash - 53 students remanded


53 students including 3 female students of the South Eastern University in Samanthurai were remanded till October 8th by the Samanthurai Magistrate today.
The students were remanded following a clash between two student factions last night. At least 23 university students injured due to clash between Oluvil Campus & Samanthurai faculty students of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka SEUSL.
Police says that about 40 students were arrested.20  students were hospitalized to Samanthurai Hospital.

The reason for the clash was a Hostel issue and at the moment Police team is giving the protection for students.

The police said 6 female students were among those who sustained injuries in the clash. Applied Science faculty of the university has been closed indefinitely as a result of the clash.