Thursday, April 3, 2014

T-shirts & Sportswear for ur Batch in Campus

Wanna to Get Printed Promotional T-Shirts or Sportswear for your Batch or Team !!!

PromoTEES is a leading promotional T-shirts and Sports-wear producer in Sri Lanka. 
During last 3 years PromoTEES have supplied T-shirts and Sportswear for various Universities, Campuses, Faculties, Departments and Sports teams.

Wanna Super Quality T-shirts or Sportswear for your Batch or Group in University

Contact us – 077-2609530

Following are few of them.

Faculty of medicine – Colombo
Faculty of arts – Colombo
Department of history – Colombo
Department of geography – Colombo
Team cricket – Medicine - Colombo
Department of Avian sciences – Wayamba
Department of food science and technology – Wayamba
Department of nutrition, fisheries and aqua culture – Wayamba
Faculty of applied sciences – Re-union – Wayamba
Faculty of Agriculture – Wayamba
Faculty of livestock, fisheries and nutrition – Wayamba
Faculty of veterinary science – Peradeniya
Team Cricket – Medicine - Peradeniya
Faculty of applied sciences – South eastern
Team volleyball – Moratuwa
Team Table tennis – Kelaniya
Team Wrestling – Kelaniya
Team karate – Kelaniya
Department of Industrial management – Kelaniya
Faculty of medicine – Rajarata
Faculty of applied sciences – Re-union – Rajarata
Aquinas University

Wanna Super Quality T-shirts or Sportswear for your Batch or Group

Contact us – 077-2609530

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  1. Vauniya campus , applied walata.... suhada maruwakata kamati kawruth innawada?... Mn select vauniya applied

    1. Vavuniyave baya wenna deyak naha sinhala ayath innawa bodimak onenam hoyala dennam idala dig.. karaganin

    2. Thank uu mchn...

  2. oya mna dstrìcda dr?z score kiada tbune oyage?plz tl me

    1. kandy distict.... z tibbe 0.1643.... mta me bottuwak thama awe...

    2. Are you did AL in maths stream?

    3. In old syl.... ma d.r 70

  3. oya ldrshp giada frnd?

  4. Na fnd..cut off walin mama select une ne... bottuma thama awe... mulin uwa tea technology.... then vauniya applied....ikmanata decide karanna una fnd... so, uwa campuz ma yanawa

  5. y apllied hnda nadda dr?e cmpus eka awlda?chennakaladi wla tiena eka nda batticlo

  6. applied hndai.... campuz eka gana wadi deyak hoyagannath bri una...apata durath wadine..... oyath aplied da fnd?

  7. sbragmu aplied.

    1. k, patan gena tikak kal ati nda, vauniya walata maru wenna oneda?

    2. Khomath maru karanna mge z hndatama mdi nda,

  8. How to Apply for The T-Shirts ?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Mama select une rajarata management walata mata wena university ekkata maru wenna one kamati name SMS ekak danna 0712427028

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Jaffna University, computer science.... Suhada maruwkt kamathi kawruth innawad?


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