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Inter-university Innovation and Invention Competition Sri Lanka

Inter-university Innovation and Invention Competition Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Higher Education Ministry will introduce a novel concept called "Inter-university Innovation and Invention Competition" to identify the innovative talents of university students, professionals and the public to take their inventions to the international market.

The theme of the competition “Solutions, Ideas, Innovations, Inventions and Products (SIIIP)” would recognise the innovative talents of students, professionals and the public in the field of information technology, services, industries, agriculture, power and electrical sectors.

The ultimate goal of this concept is to produce those of the calibre of Nobel Prize winners, Higher Education Ministry Secretary Dr. Sunil Jayantha Nawaratne told.

When steps are being taken under the Mahinda Chinthana to make Sri Lanka the Wonder of Asia, new ideas, innovations and products are essential to realise that goal.

Higher Education Minister S.B. Dissanayake said that universities are the ideal platform to launch this novel program to help identify the series of innovations and inventions of university students, lecturers and professors. The Ministry has called upon students, professionals and the public to make an effective contribution for the competition, he said.

Dr. Nawaratne said the Ministry hopes to introduce this competition next month. Those who produce the best innovations and inventions will be selected for Presidential Awards at a ceremony to be held under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa in March next year. The Ministry hopes a television channel will make a proposal for the competition.

At present many students and members of the public have innovative ideas. They have made new inventions, but are unable to market their products. Therefore, we hope to bring all these innovative talents on to one platform. We also seek private sector assistance to provide a market for innovative products.

Those who wish to take part in the competition can submit their innovative ideas to Higher Education Ministry Secretary via email or contact him on 0773823261.

Source - Sunday Observer

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