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2017 Sri Lanka Budget Proposals Speech via Live Blogging (Summary)

2017 Budget Speech - Click 

03:28 PM

Rs 100 million allocation to National Science Foundation for CKD research
03:27 PM
Rs 200 million to upgrade nurses training schools
03:26 PM
Rs 750 million allocation in 2017 to tackle chronic kidney disease

03:24 PM
Vocational training centre to encourage courses in lapidary, gemology, etc

Rs 300 million to be allocated for scholarships to students engaged in state run vocational training centres
03:22 PM

Student loan scheme of Rs 800,000 per student for higher education in the private sector
03:21 PM
Private sector higher education institutions with quality education would be encouraged with the necessary laws in place.

5 year multiple entry visas for international students to be provided with the aim of creating an education hub and also provide education tourism
03:17 PM

University seminars to be extended to 8 pm daily
03:15 PM
10 storey building at Ruhunu Medical faculty to double intake to 300 students

Scholarships for deserving studentds to Harvard/MIT universites in the US and NUS-Singapore
03:13 PM
Rs.200,000 insurance cover for all school children
03:12 PM
Savings accounts to be opened for school children as CSR projects by banks

University admissions to be increased to 50,000 (from a current 20,000) annually
03:10 PM
Differently abled children to be given improved facilities

Agrahara insurance scheme to be extended to teachers
03:09 PM

Rs. 250 million to upgrade plantation schools

Tabs and laptops to be provided at a cost of Rs 5,000 million for high school students
03:07 PM
New subjects: Fashion designing, hospitality and logistics to be included in the school curriculum
03:06 PM
Rs 2,100 million for school labs and other facilities
03:05 PM
Additional financial resources of Rs 18,740 million for education

Smart classrooms to be created at a cost of Rs 600 million
03:03 PM
Rs. 21,000 million allocated for infrastructure development for classroom development
03:02 PM
Education - 13 year education period inclusive of high school education is mandatory
03:00 PM
Lahugala, Panama to get drinking water projects thro' foreign aid at Rs 20 million
02:58 PM
50 agro-metereological centres to be set up
02:57 PM
Growing of pepper and other related crops to be encourage on coconut and rubber lands
02:56 PM
Horticulture - 2000 nurseries to given grants
02:55 PM
Whole chicken - current Rs 420 per kg price to continue
02:53 PM

Galle, Hambantota and Jaffna fisheries sectors to be improved
02:52 PM
Local milk production to be increased through state investment of Rs 200 million

15,000 cows to be imported
02:50 PM
100 %  capital allowance on sugar investments
Automated commodity exchange for tea, rubber and coconut

"Lanka University News" Live Web Blogging session for the 2015 Budget Speech.
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ජාතික අයවැය - 2015. ශ්රී ලංකාව නොනැවතී පෙරටම.
National Budget 2015 Sri Lanka Unstoppable
தேசிய வரவுசெலவுத் திட்டம் - 2015. தொடர்ந்து முன்னேறும் இலங்கை

2015 Budget Proposal Speech Live Updating >>>>

Sri Lanka 2015 Budget Proposals Summery

·        Key highlights of Budget 2015

·        1.40 pm -President opens his speech with a preamble of the developments of the past few years including the war and the post-war developments.
·        1.45 pm – The rural economic developments followed by the g0vernment are based on ancient, traditional and post-independence leaders who were also concerned about this. We are building a new economy based on these ideals.
·        1.50 pm -Infrastructure development was neglected during the  war but there been rapid infrastructure development when the war ended in May 2009
·        1.53 pm – Former LTTE cadres are being reintegrated, trained and absorbed to the armed forces and the police.
·        2 pm – While receiving foreign aid, Sri Lanka has also been transformed to a country that provides aid to countries in crisis and in disaster situations
·        2 pm – Our Government will increase the per capita income of each individual by four times in coming years.
·        2 pm – Foreign reserves are at $10 billion while foreign debt has been reduced to 30 per cent compared to last year
·        2.01 pm- The Government reduced electricity prices by 25 per cent recently due to the resurgence of alternate energy sources.
·        2.03 pm - 750,000 low cost houses provided to those who were displaced from their dwellings for development purposes.
·        2.10 pm – Because of the ec0nomic transformation and rapid development, mobile technology has taken off and everyone is using a mobile phone now
·        2. 15 pm – Rural poverty reduced to  7.6 per cent from  15.8 per cent
·        2.20 pm – 678 small rural irrigation schemes constructed at a cost of Rs 3 billion
·        2.21 pm – Construction activity has increased by 17 per cent
·        2. 22 pm – Sri Lanka is expected to raise US$ 2 billion in foreign investment this year
·        2.23 pm – Apparel export earnings to reach $5 billion
·        2.24 pm – Export earnings expected to reach over $11 billion
·        2.25 pm – Life expectancy per person would reach 80 years by 2020
·        2. 27 pm – The student intake to Sri Lankan state universities will increase substantially to 100,000 per year by 2020 (from around 20-25,000 per year now)
·        2. 30 pm – Export earnings to reach $20 billion by 2020
·        2. 32 pm – Per capita income to reach $7,500 by 2020
·        2.33 pm – Foreign loans: These are taken for a specific purpose ‘ Not for eating (apita kanda ganne nahe)’
·        2. 37 pm – SriLankan Airlines and Mihin Air together fly to 90 destinations using a fleet of 25 aircraft * 2. 40 pm – Special integrated tax on motor vehicles which will raise Rs 5 billion
·        2.40 pm – Cigarette and liquor taxes to raise Rs. 14,400 million
·        2.45 pm – $100 entrance fee at casinos
·        2.45 pm – 47 of 54 state enterprises turned into profitable units
·        2.47 pm – Property of tax evaders would be acquired
·        2.47 pm - Tax Department to g0 online from tomorrow for tax payments
·        2.50 pm – Water rates – First 25 units will be reduced by 10 per cent
·        2.50 pm – Rs. 750 million allocated for areas affected by water borne diseases
·        2.50 pm – 500 small buses to be imported to strengthen transport services
·        *2.51  pm – New airports in Kandy and Nuwara Eliya
·        2.57 pm – New state plantation company to be set up
·        2.57 pm – Rs 5,000 million allocation for new state of the art factories at Hingurana and Pelwatte Sugar Cos.
·        2.57 pm – Rs 1000 and 10 per cent dividend to be paid to EPF members who have over 10 years service
·        2. 58 pm – Rs 750 million allocation to improve facilities for judges
·        *2.58 pm – New courts to be established to expedite cases and reduce delays
·        * 3 pm -     Rural road development allocated Rs 20 billion
·        * 3 pm -   Airport refurbishment allocated Rs 17 billion
·        3 pm – Customs wil be computerized
·        3 pm – Postal Dept improvement – Rs 1.5 billion allocated
·        3 .02 pm – Postal workers who now use bicycles will be given motor cycles at concessionary rates
·        3. 03 pm – Seed paddy will be provided free to farmers
·        3.05 pm – Railway workers anomalies to be resolved with Rs 2 billion allocation
·        3.05 pm – Special tax on vehicle imports
·        3.07 pm – Guaranteed price for rubber at Rs 300 per kilo
·        3.07 pm – One stop trade facilitation centre at the Customs
·        3. 15 pm – Garments sector workers  pension scheme proposed
·        3.15 pm – Guaranteed price scheme for small-time fishermen
·        3.16 pm -  Rs 1.05 billion used to improve fisheries sector
·        *3. 18 pm – Local milk powder prices reduced by Rs 100 per kilo and yoghurt reduced by Rs 3 from Rs 30 per cup
·        *3.20 pm – Chicken and egg exports  to be encouraged
·        *3. 22 pm – Kidney patients will receive Rs 3,000 per month
·        3.24 pm – Rs 700 million allocated for women suffering from cancer
·        3.25 pm – Rs 500 million allocated for mobile health units
·        3.27 pm – Ayurvedic physicians to receive Rs 5,000 per month
·        3.27 pm – Pre school teachers to get Rs 2,500 per month and loan of Rs 10,000
·        3.29 pm – 50,000 Teaching assistants to be appointed at Rs 9,500 per month
·        3.30 pm – Mahapola scholarships increased to Rs 4,000 per month from Rs 2,500
·        3.35 pm – Government will encourage and support new innovations and creations
·        3.40  pm- Loans to be given to journalists to improve their skills. Earlier they got vehicle loans
·        3. 34 pm – Lionel Wendt and Lumbini theatres to receive Rs 300 million for renovations
·        3,45 pm – Under Divi Neguma, 25,000 new villages will be established
·        3.45 pm – Divi Neguma support for families to be increased to Rs 4,000 from Rs 1,000
·        *3.45 pm – Pension scheme to be established for migrant workers
·        *3.47 pm – Aerospace Engineering faculty to be established at the Moratuwa University
·        *3. 47 pm – Sri Lankans with dual citizenship can work in Sri Lanka at reduced tax rates for five years
·        3.50 pm – Small entrepreneurs like  barbers, tailors, sewing mistresses, etc to get tax exemption upto Rs 50,000 per month and Rs 50,000 loan at 6 per cent interest
·        *3.52 pm – Supermarket complex at a cost of Rs. 1.2 billion to be established at 9-acre Chalmers Granary in Colombo
·        3.54 pm – The elderly to receive increase in monthly payment to Rs 2000 from Rs 1000. Special day care centres with all facilities including TVs to be set up for elders.
·        4 pm – Rs 100 million financial assistance scheme for those who produce tele dramas reflecting family values
·        4.01 pm – Motorcycle loans at concessionary rates for suburban teachers * 4.05 pm – Pension and insurance scheme for 3-wheeler drivers
·        4. 07 pm – 6 per cent interest on loans for import of new buses and tax exemption when selling their old buses. Reduced taxes for import of passenger transport vehicles/vans
·        *4. 10 pm – Import tax on electric vehicles reduced by 25 per cent
·        *4.12 pm – Rs 50,000 motor cycle allowance for police sergeants and constables
·        4.13 pm – Police officers to get same incentive for third child similar to facility given to the army
·        *4.15 pm – 12 per cent interest for bank deposits by elderly persons
·        4.15 pm – Request to supermarkets and retail shops to reduce price of commodities by 10 per cent as VAT and other taxes have been reduced
·        *4.20 pm – All allowances to be incorporated in public sector wages and minimun salary to be increased to Rs 15,000
·        *4.20 pm – Cost of Living allowance to be increased to Rs 10,000 from Rs 7,800 per month making montly minimun wage of public sector worker at Rs 25,000
·        *4.22 pm – Senior public officers with 20 years’ experience and SLAS officers to get additional Rs. 15,000
·        *4.22 pm – All casual employees who have served over 180 days to be made permanent
·        4.23 pm – Rs 500 increase per month for private sector employees Summing up:
·        4.27 pm -  Every Sri Lankan should be committed to develop the future of the children of this country budget speech ends –
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ඉතිහාසයේ වැඩිම සහන අය-වැයයි
රජයේ සේවක අවම ආදායම රුපියල් 30,000 දක්වා ඉහළට

·        විශ්‍රාමිකයන්ට රු. 2500 ක අන්තර් දීමනාවක්
·        පොහොර සහනාධාරය දිගටම
·        ඇඟලුම් සේවකයන්ට හා රට රැකියා නියුක්තිකයන්ට විශ්‍රාම වැටුපක්
·        ග්‍රාමීය ප්‍රවාහන සේවය වැඩිදියුණු කිරීමට කුඩා බස් රථ 500 ක් ලබා දෙයි
·        ගුරු සහයකයන් 50000 ක් බඳවා ගැනේ. උපාධි ලබා ගැනීමෙන් පසු ඔවුන් ගුරු සේවයට
·        දින 180 සම්පූර්ණ කළ අනියම් සේවකයන් ස්ථිර කෙරේ
·        ගොවීන්ට දියර කිරි ලීටරයකට රුපියල් 60ක්
·        ළදරු කිරි පිටි බදුවලින් නිදහස්: පෙර පාසල් ගුරුවරුන්ට රු. 2500 ක දීමනාවක්
·        අග්‍රහාර රක්ෂණය 5000 දක්වා වැඩි කෙරේ
·        මහපොළ ශිෂ්‍යාධාරය 5000ක්
·        විදේශ ශ්‍රමිකයන්ට වාහනයක් ගෙන්වීමට බලපත්‍රයක්
·        දේශීය පිටි කිරි කිලෝවක් රුපියල් 100 කින් ද, යෝගට් රුපියල් 3 කින් ද අඩු කෙරේ
·        ගොවි විශ්‍රාම වැටුප අවුරුදු 63 දී රුපියල් 6000ක්
·        විශ්‍රාමිකයන්ට රුපියල් 2500 ක අන්තර් දීමනාවක් හිමි වේ.
·        මහපොළ ශිෂ්‍යත්ව දීමනාව රුපියල් 4000 දක්වා වැඩි කෙරේ.
·        මුල් ජල ඒකක 25ට සියයට 10ක් අඩු කෙරේ.
·        ලබා දුන් විදුලි සහනය දිගටම
·        ඇඟලුම් සේවකයන්, කුඩා වතු හිමියන්ට හා විදේශ රැකියා නියුක්ති අයට විශ්‍රාම වැටුපක්
·        පෙර පාසල් ගුරුවරුන්ට රුපියල් 2500 ක දීමානාවක් හා රුපියල් 10000ක සහන ණය.
·        ආයුර්වේද වෛද්‍යවරුන්ට රුපියල් 5000ක විශේෂ දීමනාවක්
·        උපයන විට ගෙවීමේ බද්ද සියයට 16 ක උපරිමයකට සීමා කෙරේ.
·        එකතු කළ අගය මත බද්ද සියයට 11 දක්වා අඩු කෙරේ.
·        සේවක අර්ථ සාධක අරමුදලේ සාමාජිකයන්ට රුපියල් 1000 ලාභාංශයක්
·        කුඩා වතු නැවත වගාවට දෙන සහනාධාරය වැඩි කෙරේ.
·        ගොවි විශ්‍රාම වැටුප අවුරුදු 63 දී රුපියල් 6000ක්
·        පහේ ශිෂ්‍යයත්ව දීමනාව රුපියල් 500 සිට 1500 දක්වා වැඩි කෙරේ.
·        ගුරු විද්‍යාල නවීකරණය කෙරේ.
·        ගුරු සේවයට ව්‍යස්ථාවක්
·        පිරිවෙන් ආධාරය රුපියල් ලක්ෂ 5 සිට 10 දක්වා ශිෂ්‍යාධාරය වැඩි කෙරේ.
·        අඩු ආදායම්ලාභී පවුල්වල සිසුන්ට වසරක ශිෂ්‍යත්ව 50000ක් රුපියල් 3000 බැගින්
·        තාක්ෂණ විද්‍යාල වලට සිසුන් 50000ක් රුපියල් 3000 බැගින් ශිෂ්‍යාධාර
·        කලාකරුවන්ට නිවාඩු නිකේතන

·        දිවි නැගුම ප්‍රතිලාභ වැඩි කෙරේ
·        කුඩා ව්‍යාපාර වලට බදු සහන
·        දේශීය ලී බඩු නිෂ්පාදනයට දිරි දීම්
·        වැඩිහිටියන් සඳහා දෙනු ලබන රුපියල් 1000 මාසික දීමනාව 2000 දක්වා
·        සියලුම ආබාධිත පුද්ගලයන්ට මාසිකව රුපියල් 3000ක දීමනාවක්
·        රණවිරු මවුපිය දීමනාව රුපියල් 750 සිට 1000 දක්වා වැඩි කෙරේ.
·        අවුරුදු 63 ට වැඩි ජූලි වර්ජකයන්ට රුපියල් 6000 ක දීමනාවක් මාසිකව
·        දුම්රිය සේවක වැටුප් විෂමතා ඉවත් කෙරේ.
·        ලිපි බෙදන්නන්ට යතුරු පැදි
·        පොහොර සහනාධාරය තවදුරටත්
·        පොලිසියට ත්‍රිවිධ හමුදා සාමාජිකයින්ට සහන
·        වැඩිහිටියන්ගේ තැන්පතු සඳහා සියයට 12ක පොළී අනුපාතිකයක්.
·        විශ්‍රාමිකයන් ගේ වැටුප් විෂමතා ඉවත් කෙරේ. රුපියල් 2500 ක අන්තර් දීමනාවක්.
·        පෞද්ගලික අංශයේ සේවකයන්ට සහන අර්ථසාධක අරමුදල සමස්ත දායකත්වය සියයට 22 දක්වා වැඩි කෙරේ.
·        තරුණයින්ට රැකියා පුහුණුව : පුහුණු කාලයේදී රුපියල් 8000ක දීමනාවක්
·        පාර්ලිමේන්තු සේවකයන්ට විශේෂ දීමනාවක්
·        ළදරු කිරි පිටි මිල අඩු කෙරේ. රාජ්‍ය ව්‍යාපාර බැංකු හා මූල්‍ය ආයතන ශක්තිමක් කෙරේ.
·        පළාත් හා ග්‍රාමීය මාර්ග, වාරිමාර්ග , දුම්රිය සේවය, තැපැල් සේවය සංවර්ධනයට මුදල් වෙන් කෙරේ.

Minimum monthly salary of the State Sector employee increased to Rs. 15,000.
President: Electricity tariff reduction for hotels and shops from this November.
Funds allocated to improve facilities at Sugathadasa and Kettarama Stadiums.
A special monthly allowance for the Widows of July Strikers
Elderly monthly allowance increased to Rs. 2000
Special recreation centers and facilities to be established for elders.
A monthly transport allowance of Rs. 750 for differently abled students
Aerospace Engineering Unit will be established at the Moratuwa University
Divi Neguma Samurdhi allowance will be increased
Main Sri Lankan towns to be developed under a special Urban Development Programme
Import tax removed on infant milk food
A special duty scheme on motor vehicles for foreign employed individuals.
Pavement vendors and very small scale self employed individuals to be exempted from any Local Authority fees
Mahapola incrased to RS 4000
Medical checks for every citizen
Preschool teachers to get Rs. 2500 monthly allowance.
Students who get through the Grade 5 exam will receive Rs. 1500 monthly allowance
Kidney patients to receive a Rs. 3000/= monthly grant.
A pension scheme will be introduced for the Apparel Industry
Freshwater fish industry to be developed.
Pension scheme for Garment workers
Funds allocated to modernise the Tea (TRI) and Rubber Research Institute (RRI)
Rs. 1500 million allocation to improve the postal sector
Rs. 2000 million will be allocated to rectify salary anomalies in the Railways sector
Motor Bikes to postmen
State sector Plantation Company to be established
International Arbitration Centre to be established in Sri Lanka
Fund allocation to establish new sugar factories and related infrastructure
A New merged bank from next year
State sector Plantation Company to be established
2.49pm Water bill to reduce by 10%. Reduction on domestic water supply charge by 10% for the first 25 units.
2.45pm Value Added Tax reduced to 11%
2.36pm Loans are not for consumption
Our aim is to achieve 90% ICT literacy by #2020
We are aiming for a US$ 5 billion local ICT industry by #2020
We hope to improve the industrial export sector to become a major foreign income earner by #2020
We increased the public service cadre to nearly 1,400,000
There is an increase in skilled professionals seeking foreign employment.
2.32pm Per Capita Income 7500 USS$
2.26pm 100,000 university students to be admit in 2020
There is a significant reduction of poverty levels in the country during the past ten years
We have provided nearly 100,000 motorcycles to Government Field Officers serving in the rural areas
There is a significant reduction of poverty levels in the country during the past ten years
We have provided nearly 100,000 motorcycles to Government Field Officers serving in the rural areas
We have provided more than 100,000 houses in the North that were destroyed by LTTE
2.10 We took ICT to the village
We are building new facilities to provide accommodation to 25,000 university students
2.07 9 out of 10 top students passed in Grade 5 Scholarship from rural villages  
2.04 University Township Program is successful Matara- Beliatta highway to complete before 2015
1.56pm We are turning our country from a humanitarian relief receiver to humanitarian relief provider
We appreciate the international community's contribution for the development of our country
I, once again, call upon the TNA to join hands with the government to develop this country.
The past ten years has seen meaningful development in this country
The infrastructure facilities that were limited to urban population is being enjoyed by the rural population now
It is our duty to build a modern economy for our future generation
Many places in the suburban Colombo was used as garbage dump yards
1.34pm President is ready to present the budget
1.26pm - Member of Parliament entering in to the Parliament premises now 
1.00pm - 30 minutes more

Rupavahini Live Webcast - Click Here

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his capacity as the Minister of Finance and Planning will present the 2015 Budget (Aya Weya අය-වැය) to parliament today (October 24)  at 1.30 pm for its first reading.
The President and the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance Dr. P.B. Jayasundara reviewed the budget proposals at the Temple Trees yesterday. The 2015 budget proposals have been formulated targeting the next five-year period from 2015 to 2017. This year theme is Unstoppable Sri Lanka 2020.

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Sri Lanka National Budget 2015 Watch Live streaming - Click Here 

This is the 10th straight budget presented by him after assuming duties as President in 2005. It is widely expected that the budget would introduce economic policies to further alleviate poverty, increase economic growth and accelerate the existing development programmes.

The government has estimated 1.812 trillion rupees (approximately US$ 14 billion) as expenditure for its services for the financial year of 2015.
The Appropriation Bill 2015 targets a budget deficit of 4.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) for the next year while expecting a growth rate of 8.2 percent.
The debate on the Second Reading stage of the budget will commence on October 25 and continue till November 01. The vote on Second Reading stage would be taken at 5.00 p.m. on November 01.
The committee stage debate on budget 2015 is scheduled to commence on November 03 and will continue daily except for Sundays till November 24. The final vote of the budget 2015 is scheduled to be taken at 5.00 p.m. on November 24.
The government says it focused on a Medium Term Budgetary Framework 2015 - 2017 mainly to ensure development by creating more livelihood and employment opportunities, food security, energy security and environmental safety with particular emphasis on low income and poor families.

According to the government, next year budget, which is focused on accelerating the development, will provide a wide array of concessions including reduction of fuel and gas prices and electricity tariff.

"Lanka University News" expect to feed Live Web Blogging session   

Sri Lanka National Budget 2015 Watch Live streaming - Click Here 

Rupavahini Live Webcast - Click Here

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2014 Budget Blog - Here

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