Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 Sri Lanka

Happy New Year 2015 Sri Lanka
Happy New Year 2015 - 
සුබ නව වසරක් වේවා !!! 
இனிய புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
2015 ஐ வரவேற்போம்.!!!
ලැබුවාවූ 2015 නව වසර ඔබ ඇතුලු පවුලේ සැමට සාමයසතුට,සැනසුමසපිරැණු නිදුක් නීරෝගී සුබම සුබ නව වසරක් වේවා !!! 

Wish u all a Happy & Prosperous New Year  !!!

All the Best to you and your families through the New Year 2015.

May Your All Dreams Come True In This Brand New Year, Hope You Get Everything You Wanted In This New Year. !!!

A ‘Happy New Year’ to all - we look forward to your readership in 2015.

Also wish our students a Prosperous New Year with More Success in  University Life, Academic Studies and Professional Career through Year 2015!

THANK YOU to all of our Readers, subscribers and advertisers. It has been a year of incredible growth and we owe it to your support.


  1. Information Systems Degree ekata thyena Job oppotunities Monawada kiyala danna kenek kiyanwada?? Please E wagema Applitude test eka mona wage ekakda?

  2. Mage z core eka 1.98 in Maths stream. Kalutara district rank 48. mawa katubedda engineering walata therewida.

  3. Mn bio kale.colombo 454,distric 2024
    colombo bio hambeida ?

  4. Mn lnguages kale nuwara elya dstrct ekn. Greek roman civilization A
    French B & englsh ltrture C
    s zcre 1.1661 dstrct rnk 182. Mwa mokak hri cmps ekkta selct weida

  5. Podu vishaya darawen distric 1kin ki denek campus gannawada.. rank 1knda ganne z 1nda


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