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4 Campus students hospitalized due to University Ragging

4 Campus students hospitalized due to University RaggingFour female students of Ruhuna University has been hospitalized due to campus ragging. Uni Officials said that they will hold a proper inquiry and punish those who involved the ragging incident.

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  1. Me kathawa walin boru danne..mamath ruhune thamai.mehema deyak une walatai rajayatai oni ape campus eke council eka nathi kranna..e nisai me wage boru danne..api kawadawath junior batch eke kenekge athinwath allanne na..plz wishwasa karanna epa mewa..

    1. Api nodanna Seniorsla. athinwath allanna nathuwa athi. owa kiyapalla konde badapu cheennunta

    2. Me oya dakkada allanwa?? Nikn kade ynna epa...

    3. allapu nathi nisa wenna athi lamai hospital gane yanne.

  2. The lifeless body that was found hanging from a tree within the premises of the University of Peradeniya has been identified by the victim’s relatives.

    According to the police, the victim is the lead witness in a ragging incident that is believed to have taken place at the University of Peradeniya.

    The body of university student D.K. Nishantha was discovered hanging from tree in a shrubbery area located not far from the Marcus Fernando Boys’ Hostel at the University of Peradeniya on Monday evening

  3. Three students of the Peradeniya University who pleaded guilty to ragging a new student were given a suspended sentence of six months rigorous imprisonment. The Kandy Provincial High Court suspended the sentence for five years after which the three students will serve six month sentences while compensation will also be paid to the victim. The students were convicted of ragging the victim on or during October 26 and 27, 2011 while six allegations were brought forward against them including forcing the victim to perform sexual acts - See more at:

  4. In 1975, University of Peradeniya reported the first ragging related death when a 22-year-old female student of the Faculty of Agriculture, Rupa Rathnaseeli became paralyzed as a result of jumping from the second floor of the hostel "Ramanathan Hall" to escape the physical ragging carried out by her seniors. It was reported that she was about to have a candle inserted in her vagina just before she had jumped out of the hostel building.She committed suicide in 2002

    In 1993, Chaminda Punchihewa, a student of University of Ruhuna, died as a result of ragging.

    Prasanga Niroshana, a student from Hakmana, died as a result of ragging he underwent at Schools of Agriculture, Angunakolapallassa.

    In 1997, 21-year-old S. Varapragash, an Engineering student of University of Peradeniya, died from a kidney failure following severe ragging by senior students.

    A first year female student of University of Ruhuna committed suicide in 1997 as a result of ragging.

    In 1997, Kelum Thushara Wijetunge, a first-year student at the Hardy Technical institute in Ampara, died from a kidney failure after he was forced to do tough exercises and drink excessive quantities of liquor.

    In 2002, Samantha Vithanage, a third year Management student at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, who pioneered an anti-ragging campaign was killed at a meeting, while in a discussion on ragging.

    In 2011, a female student attached to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Ruhuna, was semi-paralysed in one limb as a result of ragging she underwent at the faculty canteen.

    and many more


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