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2015 Grade 5 Scholarship Exam Results Released - Pass mark 160

Grade 5 Scholarship Exam Results Cut Off Marks Wishes
2015 Grade 5 Scholarship examination (ශිෂ්යත්ව විභාගය - Paha Shreniya Shishathwa Wibagaya) Results relesed now. Pass mark is 160.  

Department of Examinations website for online results and

Pass Marks - Sinhala & English Medium 

Pass Marks Sinhala Medium is 160 for following Districts Colombo ,Gampaha, Kalutara, Galle, Matara, Kandy, Kurunegala, Matale & Kegalle

Hambantota & Ratnapura Districts Pass mark is 158 for Sinhala Medium.

Anuradhapura & Polonnaruwa Districts Pass Mark is 156. 

Monaragala Pass mark is 155. 

Nuwara Eliya & Vavuniya District pass mark for Sinhala medium is 153

Tamil medium Pass Mark is 154
  • Cut Off Marks for Popular School will be release December*
  • 2015 Paper can be printed only after a certain date given by the Examination Commissioner.
  • 2016 Grade 5 Scholarship Exam will be held August 21, 2016*
  * Forecast
පහ ශ්රේණියේ 2015 ශිෂ්යත්ව විභාගයේ ප්රතිඵල  විභාග දෙපාර්ත මේන්තුවේ නිල වෙබ් අඩවිය වන  සහ වෙත පිවිස ලබාගත හැක.

Department of Examinations website for online results and

The 2015 Grade 5 Scholarship examination (ශිෂ්යත්ව විභාගය - Paha Shreniya Shishathwa Wibagaya) will be held Today (August 23) with 340,926 students sitting for the exam in 2907 centers islandwide. 
Due to high competition the pass marks will be around 160 marks.  Results will be released before September 30th & Cut Off marks for popular schools will be released December. 

The Examinations Commissioner requests candidates to be at their respective exam center by 9am.

Your Children May be you pass, may be disqualified, Dont Worry. Dont blame him/her. 

Give courage to him, give a small gift to him/her to courage for future studies.
We, "Lanka University News", 
Warmly Wishes, All the Very Best and Good Luck for Future Studies those who are Pass Grade 5 Scholarship Examinations in 2015!!!
We wish all other students Good Luck for Future Studies! 

Focusing attention of the parents of students who sit for the examination the commissioner says that the students should be provided a free atmosphere at home today & tomorrow and they should not be pressurized about the examination. He also states that today and early morning tomorrow the parents should be careful about the food given to them.

He points out that it is important to have the things necessary for the examination prepared today itself which includes the Admission card, Pens, Pencils Etc….

The first paper of the examination will start at 9.30 am and hence the students should be in attendance at their relevant examination centers at least by 9.00 am.

15 minutes before the start of the examination they will be enlightened about the manner of answering the question papers.

The time given for the first examination paper will end at 10.15 am and after that the students will get a 30 minutes interval.

During the examination time only the principal and the relevant staff will be allowed to remain in the examination premises.

The commissioner general also requests the parents to refrain from remaining around the examination premises and thereby cause obstructions to the examination.

All arrangements are underway to hold the grade 5 scholarship examination August 23.
A staff of about 18,000 personnel is deployed on examination duty. He called on the students and the parents to be present at the centres before 9.30 am when the examination starts.

The teachers who are in charge of students will be allowed to remain at the halls only till 9.15 am.
The students should be directly taken to the examination hall as discussion of target questions has been banned.

They should carry blue and black pens and a pencil. Files and erasers cannot be taken to the hall.

The staff is banned from taking photo copies, selling or releasing the 2015 Scholarship exam question papers. They can be printed only after a certain date, given by the Examination Commissioner.

We, Lanka University News, 
Warmly Wishes, All the Very Best and Good Luck for those who are doing Grade 5 Scholarship Examinations in 2015!!!

The public is advised to report persons violating any rule related to examination to the nearest police station or to the Examinations Department hotline 1911 or 0112 784 208, 0112 784 537, 0113 188 350 , 0112 785 212.

2015 Grade 5 (Year Five) Scholarship examination results to be released before 1 st October 2015, World Children's Day.

පහ ශ්රේණියේ 2015 ශිෂ්යත්ව විභාගයේ ප්රතිඵල September 30 කලින්  නිකුත් කරනු ලැබේ. ප්රතිඵල විභාග දෙපාර්ත මේන්තුවේ නිල වෙබ් අඩවිය වන  සහ වෙත පිවිස ලබාගත හැක.

Department of Examinations website for online results and

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