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5 Trending jobs in Sri Lanka that wasn't available 10 Years back

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 5 Trending jobs in Sri Lanka that wasn't available 10 Years back

The extents and the varieties of employment are changing in a rapid pace. The job titles, job roles and the working environment are evolving from time to time with the technological developments and the trend patterns in the job market. 
These latest job trends improve the productivity at work also liberate the employees from the routine of work. will attract more active job seekers in to modern jobs because we are always mixing with trends. Most of the hot jobs what we see in the market didn’t existed five or ten years back. Following can be identified as the latest job trends with a high demand and a high pay but you never thought these kinds of jobs will exist ten years back.

Sri Lanka Jobs Vacancy Online Job websites Apply now Developer

The iPhone was introduced back in 2007 and the Android platform was developed following the pattern, with the increase availability of Smart phones millions of mobile Apps have been developed and uploaded to App Store and Google play, Apps shrink programs which used to be run on computers to run on mobile devices, some of the latest apps are user friendly and smooth than the computer versions. Mobile app sales generated billions of money also as a part of digital marketing strategies companies surge to develop apps to interact with their customers. This increasing demand for apps creates thousands of opportunities for App developers to break into a booming market both locally and globally.
Qualifications – Minimum bachelor’s degree, Masters for senior positions and relevant working experience

Social Media Manager
The social media manager jobs were not available 10 years back. But with the popularity Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram the social media became an indispensable marketing tool where brands can interact with its the social media manager has become a most crucial part of a brand. Maintaining the brands social media reputation is in the hands of the social media manager, it is predicted that every company will hire a social media manager as a part of their marketing.
Qualifications - Bachelor’s degree, relevant working experience is essential

Cloud Computing Specialist
“Cloud” or “cloud computing” is a term emerged after 2006, if a decade ago if someone said that they work in a cloud that would be a wonder for others what he is talking about. But in the today’s world cloud management is a part of the companies IT strategy and apparently half of the companies in the world use the cloud technology. So cloud computing specialists or engineers has a become highly paid hot job in the market
Qualifications – Minimum bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience

Market Research data analyst

Customer information has become vital for businesses to be competitive in the market, for that the companies should get the right market information. These information should be processed from the available marketing data, these datasets are in the forms of structured, semi structured and unstructured so data analysts or scientists are in high demand as companies need to understand the consumer behavioral patterns and to predict future trends by analyzing these available data
Qualifications – Bachelor’s degrees in the areas of Library science, Research, engineering or applied science

Millennial Generational Expert
People who are born after 1980 are millennials also known as the generation Y, the generational experts help the companies to better understand the values and expectations of the young generation of its work force and to develop them as recruiting and developing young professionals is a challenge for companies.
Though the role is to work with young professionals many generational experts are older employees who share their experience with younger people and provide them a mentorship and advices them how to engage, motivate and work with a positive attitude in a dynamic working environment
Qualifications – sound educational background, experience, think like a millennial
 By : Madura Uhangoda

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