Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Medical students to attend lectures from November 20

VCs request all medical students to lecturesMedical faculty university students to attend lectures and training from November 20. Government has agreed to abolish SAITM campus before December 31 and gazette minimum standards for medical education in Sri Lanka. Medi students end their 10 months long lectures boycotting following governments promise. IUSF ends their Sathyagraha protests campaigns. 

Lecturers request all medical students to attend lectures.

Medical faculty lecturers request from students to attend lectures and clinical training from November 20, Monday morning.
VCs request all medical students to attend lectures soon.

All Vice Chancellors VCs have requested all Medical Students to engage in their academic activities with immediate effect issuing a media release.
It further says that Government’s Proposals presented to resolve the SAITM issue “can be accepted as a positive and constructive series of proposals”.
The impact on Sri Lanka’s health sector was nothing short of being ‘harmful’ after students decided to protest their academic work in state medical faculties during the past few months.
This string of action and recent developments are what made the vice Chancellors issue a media release, requesting all students to return to their respective.

6,000 state medical university students have been boycotting lectures since February 2017.

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