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Thursday, July 30, 2015

GCE Ordinary Level Re Correction Results released

Re Correction Results (Re-scrutiny Results) GCE O/L A/L 2013 2014 2015The Re Correction Results (Re-scrutiny Results) of G.C.E. Ordinary Level O/L Examination 2014 released to the internet.
Candidates can check their exam results through 

Click here Web

2014 O/L Re correction Results Released to and website. 

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Campus Students Protest march Marching towards Colombo

Updated >
Now Protest march marching along High Level Road. Their destination may be Colombo Fort, Temple Trees or UGC Ward Place.
Sri Lankan Major students Union, Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) “Anthare” has planned to hold huge protest march Today (July 29) 1 pm in Colombo for pressurize the government to solve the Open University students course fee problems. 
"Officials have increased the students' Course fee from 120%. IUSF held several rounds of talk with both UGC & OUSL officials to solve this issue. But after 225 days still they have unable to find a solution"  IUSF Convener Najith Indika told to "Lanka University News".

At the moment Open University students are engaging a Sathyagraha campaign over 225 days.

The Protest Rally will start from Open University, Nawala at 1pm and will lead to Colombo Fort or UGC, Ward Place Najith further said. 

There will be a heavy traffic along the main roads and other bi- roads in Colombo.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wayamba University students Social Harmony Project with Eastern & Jaffna University

Wayamba University students Social Harmony Project with Eastern & Jaffna University
Helping Hands by Campus Students
Society has done its duty towards us, now it’s our turn to do something....

Wayamba University students under Social Harmony & Conflict Resolution subject have decided to launch "The Inter University Students' Exchange" as a group project.

With a great vision, they have visited Eastern University & Jaffna University to build up the harmony among campus students.
Parallel to the event Waymba University students launched several social responsibility projects. Under that they conducted beach clearing program, Street clearing program, street dramas to aware public about nutritionals with the help of other universities. Also they have visited few Elderly Care Homes & gifted them while having friendly chat ,shared experiences each other.

Students have chosen above topic as today most university students are busy with their academic works and there is less interaction between other university students. Though it was a mammoth task they managed to conduct programs successfully with the help of other university friends.
Finally they have proved that though they are living too far from the distance, the friendship that built is never ending. They make mother  Wayamba's name remarkable. They have been guided by supervisor Profesor.C.V.L. Liyanage & Course coordinator, Senior lecturer Mr. B.P.A. Jayaweera to successful completed these projects.
Students strongly believe that the intellectual thinking abilities, performance skills, communication skills, student interaction, leadership skills, soft skills have been enhanced among students through these projects.
Throughout the project, Wayamba University students got a warm welcome & received warmest wishes from public and Eastern & Jaffna university students. In future Wayamba University students would like to share with you all about their valuable experience.

We invite other university students all over the island to engage with these kinds of projects to enhance the social harmony and amity among university students.  

By: Rashmi De Silva 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sri Lanka Clerical PMAS Exam Results via

Sri Lanka Clerical Exam PMAS Exam Results via Management Assistants Service Exam Results Cut Off Marks & Information Via Website. 

This is known as Sri Lanka Clerical Exam (PMAS Exam) .Public Management Assistants Service Exam Information & Results Via Website. 

Open Competitive Examination for Recruitment to Grade III of Public Management Assistants’ Service – 2013 List of Qualified candidates for Interview & Cutoff marks

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Read Government Gazette >>>>>>

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rana Viru Meetup 2015 - Another CSR Project by Sri Lanka Twitter Community

Rana Viru Meetup at Ragama Sri Lanka Twitter Community CSR Project
They have done their service to us, Now its our turn to do something!

Rana Viru Meetup 2015 !

It's been 6+ years now since the end of war in Sri Lanka. We all know and have seen the suffering that most of us Sri Lankans had to go through.  Let's help those that need our assistance.

Rana Viru Meetup 2015 !
25th July 2015 9.30am to 5pm at Rana Viru Sevana, Ragama.

If interested in getting involved, please fill below form and also share this form with friends/colleagues that can also contribute for this #socialgood project.


We will use the cash donations we collect and then buy these items. If you are able to donate, please see the below bank details:

Bank: Sampath Bank
Branch: Colombo Super
Name: M.D. Senarath-Yapa or W.G.T.Fernando
Account Number : 1175-5482-2773
About 'Rana Viru Sevana' in Ragama, Sri Lanka (Brief intro):

A dedicated facility to look after the rehabilitation of soldiers. 3 wards with over 100 disabled soldiers who are looked after on a daily basis. They enjoy meeting the public that like to have a chat with them and also give a smile with an entertainment act. A small act from public can go a long way to bring happiness to these brave souls who had given their all to the well being of our country.

Official Website -

In addition to the item donations, it is possible to allocate time to give them a few entertainment acts (few songs, dances, magic acts etc...) to put a smile on their faces. Time will also be available in the visit to personally talk to them and hear their stories from the war that we have only heard or read in papers.

What is needed from public:

After a brief visit there, we realised that they do not accept cash donations. Instead a Major there instructed us that the following items can be donated:
- Wheel chairs
- Elbow Clutches (Comfort brand)
- Ceiling fans
- Stationary items (A4, A3, notepads etc..)
- LQ 2090 ribbons (for printer)

Event Agenda:

25th July 2015 at Rana Viru Sevana, Ragama

-  8am - Pick up via few buses from Colombo. Arrive to Ragama Rana Viru Sevana.
-  9.30am - Morning snack
- Morning session: Welcome speech, chief guest speech, donation of items to Rana Viru Sevana.
- 12.30pm - Break for lunch & mingle with war heroes
- 2.00pm - Afternoon session: Musical sing along with war heroes and participating guests.
- 4.00pm - Break for evening tea & mingle with war heroes
- End event at 5pm.
- Bus trip back to Colombo locations.

Project Partners -

For more information or if you need to contact person in organising committee, please email either or or tweet to @muditha or @gihangamos

Official Hashtag - #RanaViruMeetup