Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Kavithaa Program" to improve undergrads' skills - Sri Lanka University

A special programme to assess and improve university students' skills and talents will be launched by the Higher Education Ministry from September end.The programme named Kavithaa will consist of competitions among university students, ministry secretary Dr Sunil Jayantha told the Daily News.
Under the Kavithaa programme, aesthetic competitions including singing, dancing, poetry, song and essay writing and debates will be held, Dr Jayantha said.The programme has been coordinated by Prof Sunil Ariyaratne. Winners will receive Presidential awards.

The objective of the Kavithaa programme is to develop a platform for undergraduates to unleash their potentials, he said.

He said that this will be a good opportunity for students to present their hidden skills and showcase their talents.

"The electronic and print media mostly cover crisis, fights and problems of universities.

They rarely reveal the students' talents. Through this programme, ministry hopes to give wide publicity for students' artistic activities," Dr Jayantha said.
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