Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sri Lanka increase Salaries of University Lecturers

Sri Lankan Higher Education Ministry has decided increase the salary of university lecturers from October 1. The salary of a senior Professor has been increased to 140,721 rupees. The salary of an Assistant Lecturer has been increased to 55,775 rupees.
Therefore, the salary of a Senior Professor has been increased by 16.8 percent and an Assistant Lecturer has been increased by 3.25 percent. Higher Education Ministry said that no government in the past has increased the salaries of lecturers by this proportion.
Meanwhile government servants say that the increase of the salaries of university lecturers by this magnitude cannot be accepted under any circumstances.


  1. www.vit.ac.in/careers/PayScales.htm‎
    5+ items - Pay Scales based on 6th Pay Commission recommendations.
    1. Assistant Professor (Junior).
    15,600 – 39,100.
    2.Professor. assistant
    18,600 - 39,100.Z
    36240 *3.00 SL= 10 9720 SLR Assistant Professor (Junior)
    42,540*3.00 SL-- 137620. SLR assistant Professor. IN INDIA

    senior Professor has been increased to 140,721 rupee IN SRI LANAKA THINK A ??????-----------------------



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