Thursday, December 27, 2012

International schools, tuition classes to be monitor- Sri Lanka

International Schools Education in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Education officials are planning to introduce a special mechanism to monitor activities of international schools and private tuition classes.
A special advisory committee appointed by the Education ministry is looking into these issues. The advisory committee received the recommendations and opinions of about 1,000 people in the profession including university teachers and academics.
Meanwhile, National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) chairperson Anoma Dissanayake told that her department received a number of complaints related to incidents of child abuse and poor overall standards at some international schools.
She said the lack of regulation and standards concerning teacher recruitment and a child -friendly environment within some of these schools were issues for high concern. Dissanayake called for a special mechanism under the guidance of the Sri Lanka Education Ministry to regulate and monitor activities of international schools.
“We received a large number of complaints relating to abuse, negligence and poor teaching standards. In some instances, we received reports about some schools even allowing smoking within their premise,” the NCPA head said.
Highlighting, some of the complaints she received, Dissanayake said ethical standards and the propagation of cultural and traditional values in some of these schools too were very poor.
She said she requested in writing to the Education Ministry to intervene in the matter and added that the NCPA was prepared to lend assistance.
Dissanayake said current regulations which bring international schools under the Company’s Act should be amended.
A tuition master (Sampath Aththatige and his accomplices were arrested on the charge of allegedly leaking several questions in the science paper of the GCE O/L examination to students attending his classes, prior to the exam.


  1. it is a teens legal right to do what they want as long as it is not illegal. For example Kissing ur Bf or ur Gf inside the school is normal. Its nothing about the culture because in many other countries girls kiss guys and guys kiss girls. Nothing wrong in that. Dumb sri lankan people are still so narrow minded they think it is a bad thing to kiss there lover inside the school and they bring dumb narrow minded culture into this. And wearing the school uniform in a sexy fashion is not illegal. many girls do that. Dumb old people in the goverment and the education ministry must realize this is not the 80s, this is the new age. The problem is most goverment teachers who work with the UNI and things like that are too old fashioned and narrow minded, that is why they bring culture and rules in to this issue. Take schools in England and other countries, since kids are age 7 and 8 they have a girlfriend and a boydriend and they kiss there partner infront of anyone. That is the new culture and new age. Nothing is wrong in that as long as the parents teach the kids how to do things in a good way and never do anything else which is bad untill there legal age to be doing anything else. One reason sri lanka is behind other countries is because of the narrow minded people and the narrow minded culture which makes people go back to the 80s. This msut stop and teens must start to standup for there legal rights like teens do in other countries like England, USA, Australia and other countries. Then the old fools in sri lanka will have nothing to do because this case will be in the international media as well and they will show the world how the sri lankan old fashion morons and dumb teachers violate a teenagers legal rights.

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