Saturday, December 29, 2012

Law College Exam Leaked Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Law collage Exam leaked Muslims
The National Intellectual Council (NIC) suspected that the question papers of the Sri Lanka, Law College Entrance Examination 2012 have been leaked to some students.
Addressing a media briefing, NIC Secretary, Bandula Chandrasekara urged the authorities to cancel the Law College Entrance Examination results and hold the examination again.
Bandula Chandrasekara, said they would be lodging a complaint with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) about the matter.
He said that the number of Muslim students who passed the law entrance examination has strangely increased in the last 2 years and said they suspect the students to have received the paper with the support of hierarchies in the Ministry of Justice.
“In 2008, only 14 Muslim candidates out of 242 passed. However, after Rauf Hakeem became the Minister of Justice, the number of Muslim students who passed the exam has increased alarmingly. In 2011, 51 Muslim candidates out of 238 passed the exam and in 2012, 78 Muslim candidates out of 309 candidates passed. Most of these Muslim candidates have done the exam in the Tamil medium. We suspect the question paper was leaked to them. This is an injustice to the students who sat for the law entrance examination” he said.
Meanwhile, Sri Lanka main opposition political party United National Party (UNP) said it was clear that some powerful person was behind the alleged fraud with regard to the law entrance exam paper-marking.
UNP MP Ajith P. Perera told that the party suspected a fraud after it was found a group of influential candidates had held on to the top 50 slots in the rankings. All these students are alleged to have studied at the same institute and taught by the same teacher.
Sri Lanka, Young Lawyers Association called for probe stating that it will lodge a complaint to the CID on this the matter. The Association said only 154 students have been selected from a total of 6,295 who sat the exam in the Sinhala medium while 133 students out of a total of 705 Tamil medium students had been selected.
However, Sri Lankan Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem has denied the allegations as 'unfounded' and as being made by his political opponents and interested parties with ulterior motives. "It is highly regrettable and deplorable that certain organizations are using these unfounded allegations to create intercommunity tensions at a time the government is making serious efforts to create a climate of peace and communal harmony," he has said.
He has also, in order to set the record straight, stated that the Law College entrance examination is conducted by the Department of Examinations and that all decisions regarding admission of students are in the hands of the Law College authorities, who are guided by the Council of Legal Education.

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  1. It's sad news that law college papers have been leaked by some students. This will effect all students who come from long distance to exam centers for there exams. They have to go back to there homes and prepare again for the exams.

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