Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Law College Entrance Exam Paper Leaked?

Law College Entrance Exam Paper Leaked
Some media Reports that, Sri Lankan, Police have received information that the Law College entrance paper held last year had leaked out. There was a huge uproar that a higher unusual percentage of Muslim students had passed to gain admission to the Law College. It has also been revealed that the Minister of Justice had not acted impartially in this matter.
The CID has found out that the question paper at the Law College entrance examination has been leaked. The CID has questioned a Muslim lawyer in Wellawatta who is conducting Law College entrance tuition classes in Tamil regarding the leaking of the questions.
Most of the students at his classes are said to be Muslim students from Colombo North, who incidentally had obtained the best marks at this year’s exam. The CID has received the names and addresses of all those students.
It will also question a senior official of the attorney general’s department, with whom the suspect has had close connections.
Extract From SLMirror

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