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SAITM Hospital-Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital

Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital SAITM Hospital Malabe
The South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) (Dr.Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital "NFTH") will be opened by Prime Minister D. M. Jayartane on April 5. The first private teaching hospital in the country, it comprises state-of-the-art facilities. Official Web - 

 Dr Neville Fernando Sri Lanka – Russia Friendship Teaching Hospital

Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital SAITM Hospital MalabeDr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital (NFTH) is not, yet another private hospital in the country which charges exorbitant prices from their patients for the services provided. The hospital services are presented in such a way that it is very much affordable to the greater majority of the local population who are average or lower middle income earners, but never compromising on the service standards or the quality of medical care. In other words, it will revolutionize the private healthcare industry in Sri Lanka by offering high quality services at such low rates such as consultation of leading specialists in the country at clinics only for Rs. 100 and wards bed at Rs. 1500.

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital (NFTH) will reserve 20% of the operational bed capacity for the benefit of the less privileged patients with offering free beds and medical care at a concessionary rate, while charging heavily discounted subsidized rates for the medicine, lab and radiologic investigations.
Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital SAITM Hospital Malabe 
As it is a Teaching Hospital, it will be highly methodical and use the standard practices. Patients of NFTH will receive the best of healthcare because as a Teaching Hospital it will have the services of eminent professors, senior consultants, as well as the best of paramedical professionals. They will be available fulltime in the faculty and hospital.

The more affluent patients have the option of obtaining the luxury services upon request, such as air-conditioned luxury rooms with attached bath and all standard room facilities of international standards.

Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital SAITM Hospital MalabeThe hospital is located at a patient friendly green environment, yet can be reached within half an hour's drive from Colombo. Once commissioned this would be the largest private hospital with 1002 beds and 1 st private Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka.

Dr Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital SAITM Hospital MalabeWhy should you come to NFTH?
   + Largest private healthcare facility provider in Sri Lanka with 1002 wards beds
      when fully functional.

   + High quality service at an unbelievable price
      - Consultation of well-known specialists in Sri Lanka at a fee only Rs. 100 at
        ‘Specialist Clinic Service' (it is a must to carry a doctor (GP) referral for this service)
      - Cubical bed at well maintained ward only at Rs. 1000 per day including meals

   + As it is a Teaching Hospital;
      - Highly methodical & standard practices
      - Services of eminent professors and well-known Sri Lankan specialists on fulltime basis
      - In clinics, apart from the consultants, you will also be examined by the medical students

   + Away from city hassle, patient friendly clean and green environment

   + Ample parking facilities

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  1. Will the leading specialists of the country come to treat patients for a mere fee of Rs 100/-? SAITM has hoodwinked the public,the medical students and their parents for a long time. All these years SAITM has been like a person gasping for breath without proper lecturers. All of a sudden from where are they going to find eminent professors, consultants and best of paramedical staff who will be available full time? Although they boast of 1002 beds it does not have that amount of beds. Isn't it more truthful if Dr, Neville Fernando records the actual number of beds that are there at present rather than talking about his dream of having a 1002 bed hospital?

    1. like you have even been there,

      "Will the leading specialists of the country come to treat patients for a mere fee of Rs 100/-? "

      Kind request to all the public, beware of fools like this man who has typed the comment to which i reply,
      i dont know if he is a doctor, but if he is he is just in it to make money n not save people, he doesnt believe that there are actual doctors who care about the patients and not he money.

      Shame on you!!!

      SAITM never had difficulties in finding professors, you are like blind men being lead by a a blind, u just jabber without knowing what on earth you are talking about!

  2. u little envious dickless fucker....

  3. I too read in some newspaper that the present SAITM hospital is not having 1002 beds but they propose to have a 1002 bed hospital in the second phase of their construction plan. As it is they are heavily indebted to the Bank of Ceylon by obtaining a 800 million loan. The public are interested in the actual situation so it is admirable for the earlier poster to educate the public about the actual situation.

    A state university educated actual medical Doctor has to work extremely hard for 5 years and then one year of internship. So naturally once they are fully qualified they too will be interested in earning a salary to upkeep their family. I think basically every Doctor who passes out from state medical colleges do care for patients and strive hard to save critical patients. My point here is they too are human beings and they too have their obligations to fulfill and need a decent salary to look after their families. Majority of Doctors who pass out from state medical colleges are not filthy rich and like any other person they too need a proper wage for their services and I too think they will not work for a mere Rs 100/-.

  4. I am a layman and do not know enough to respond to the technical issues in the foregoing comments/replies. What I do know is that I took my 80-year-old mother to the NFTH last week with mild chest pain. She was given immediate attention by the doctor in the ETU and within half an hour a Consultant Physician saw her and called in a Cardiologist for an opinion. She was kept in the ETU for observation and released on medication.

    I want to stress that on making inquiries I found that both the Physician and Cardiologist are doctors who can be consulted at other private hospitals as well. They both visited my mother several times while she was in the ETU, and had the time to talk to her and ease her anxieties while taking great pain to explain everything to her in simple terms.

    We were greatly impressed with the attention and care given, from the receptionist right up to the Consultants, and wish to record here that no matter what any one says, we are very relieved to have this caliber of medical care available almost at our doorstep.

    Thank you, NFTH.

  5. I channeled a doctor there with echanelling, his charge was Rs. 1000/- without other fees ...

  6. I think this should be given a chance. Sri Lankan never give anything a chance , they just shouting at anything new. So blinded by their pride and greed, they dont see the bigger picture at all. Countries like US and UK have private medical universities and we pay large sum of money to send our children to their fancy univeristies to get their fancy medical degree, which is so over rated. They have created the illusion that their universities are the best in the world by putting ranking and creating list and publishing them.

    For once look at the big picture. Try to develop that is something ours and dont try to bury in down. Always waiting for someone else to create something for you.Take the initiative and take a step forward. I think this hospital will benefit the whole country.This could benefit the medical students as well as the sri lankan economy. So dont be skeptical,be pragmatist.


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