Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Teaching Hospital-SAITM Hospital Malabe

SAITM Teaching Hospital Malabe Medical College
The South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) (Dr.Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital "NFTH") will be opened by Prime Minister D. M. Jayartane on April 5. The first private teaching hospital in the country, it comprises state-of-the-art facilities. Official Web - 
Malabe PMC Director Dr. Sameera Senaratne told that they had achieved their goal against all odds as since the beginning of the private medical college some medical organisations had carried out a campaign to destroy it.
He said that the SLMC had issued some guidelines which his hospital will do its best to adhere to. It was the untiring effort of the SAITM Chairman Dr. Neville Fernando that had made their dream a reality, Dr. Senaratne said, noting that the Teaching hospital comprised 1,200 bed hospital for all clinical practices to meet all medical requirements including modern surgical facilities, competent lecturers to teach the students, pathology department, forensic medicine department, haemodialysis unit, cardiothoracic surgery unit, cardiac investigation unit, paediatric wards, Neo-natal intensive care unit and male ICU. Extract From Online Island
 The South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) in Malabe has invested Rs 1,800 million for the teaching hospital project. SAITM Chairman Dr Neville Fernando said that out of that, Rs 800 million is credit from Bank of Ceylon while Rs one billion is from other investors.
The five storied teaching hospital the first private teaching hospital in Sri Lanka. It will have a floor area of 250,000 square feet and will be the largest private hospital in Sri Lanka with 1,002 ward beds.
There are four theatres and 250 ward beds. The rest will be completed within six months,” Dr Fernando said.
“In addition, I have personally invested Rs 700 million for the SAITM University,” he said.
“We decided to locate the hospital in Malabe as the SAITM campus is also situated in Malabe. The students will not have to travel very far to visit their patients and this will be of great convenience to them,” he said.
This hospital will focus on the low-income population and offer special 20 percent discount.

General medicine, surgery, veterinary surgery, orthopaedics, eye surgery and cardiac wards with all the equipment found in any other hospital will be available at this hospital.
“We will have a staff of 75 doctors and 230 nurses and midwives. As the need arises, we are planning to employ Russian doctors,” he disclosed.
The South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) was established in 2008. The institute is affiliated with several foreign universities, and it is providing degrees and higher national diplomas to the students in collaboration with these overseas education institutions.
“We have signed an agreement with the Board of Investments of Sri Lanka (BOI) to provide training in information technology, management and finance, engineering, vocational studies and nursing and health science at four faculties. Those faculties are the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of ICT and Media.”
“We are affiliated with the Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy (NNSMA) in the Russian Federation conferring MD degrees. This course is of five years duration. The SAITM and the NNSMA have signed a memorandum of understanding to confer MD degrees to Sri Lankan students,” Dr Fernando said.
According to this memorandum of understanding, students have to follow the course for four years in Sri Lanka and they have to study their final year at the NNSMA. After passing out, according to the wishes of the students, they will be awarded the Russian MD degree or the SAITM, MD degree.
SAITM has an auditorium that can seat 450 people, a cafeteria, a fully equipped library, study areas, ten lecture halls, 21 laboratories, 48 small group lecture theatres and one anatomy dissection hall with 97 campus staff. Extract From dailyNews