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Korean Language Exam Applications Result Details

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Exam Details / Exam Results & Applications to sit Korean language exam can be obtain via www.slbfe.lk official website.

Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) says that the applications for the Korean Language Proficiency Examination (KLPE) would be issued Soon.

Korean Exam Details Admission Results & Contact Numbers - Sri Lanka

Korean Exam News Here >>>>>>

2014 Exam on October 11 & 12 
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Korean Exam News Here >>>>>>

Korean Exam Details Here >>>>> 

The Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau says that the 12th Korean Language Proficiency Examination will be held in next October.  Accordingly, the exams are to be conducted on the 11th and 12th of October, based on an Agreement of understanding between Sri Lanka and Korea.  
කොරියානු භාෂා විභාග October 11 & 12

කොරියානු භාෂා විභාගයේ රවේශපත අගෝස්තු 11 වැනිදා සිට

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The Korean Exams results released on November 1 and can be checked by 

Logging www.slbfe.lk , www.eps.go.kr and www.hrdkorea.or.kr web Sites

Korean Language Proficiency Test results issued on November 01 and the Cut Off Mark which is above 80 out of 200 will be announced later by the Korean Human Resources Department. 

Nearly 2,526 candidates have passed the Korean Language Proficiency Test out of the 18,466 who sat the examination, the Foreign Employment Bureau said.

Of those who had passed, 538 candidates were in the manufacturing category; 1,028 in construction and 960 in the fisheries category.

Results of the Korean Language Competent Examination will be declared through the Internet on the 1st of November. Minister Dilan Perera says the examination was held in six centers of the Colombo District successfully. 20,536 candidates sat for the Exam.

The minister further says that large number of employment opportunities in South Korea will be made available for the Sri Lankan youths this year and next year.

The Korean Exams results will be released on November 1 and can be checked by logging www.slbfe.lk , www.eps.go.kr and www.hrdkorea.or.kr web Sites

Korean language proficiency exam will be held at 6 Schools in Colombo,Nalanda College, Gothami Balika Vidyalaya,Asoka Vidyalaya,DS Senanayake College,Isipathana College and Thurstan College on 19 & 20 October.

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Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau (SLFEB) says that all arrangements have been made to hold the 11th Korean language examination on October 19 & 20.
Accordingly, the Korean language proficiency examination to select the migrant employees for the jobs(Productions, Fisheries & Constructions Fields) in South Korea will be held on October 19 and 20.
The examination is held at several centers in Colombo and 20,000 individuals have registered for the examination this year.
The Korean Exams results will be released on November 1 and can be checked by logging www.slbfe.lk , www.eps.go.kr and www.hrdkorea.or.kr web Sites

Logging www.slbfe.lk , www.eps.go.kr and www.hrdkorea.or.kr web Sites

Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE)
Contact Us

Head office:
0112 864101 – 105
+94 112880500

"Sahanapiyasa" Unit:
0112 259953

24 Hour Service:
1989 (Local Calls Only)
011 2879900 – 902
Fax :+ 94 11 2879903
E-mail : infor_center@slbfe.lk

234,Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha

Koswatta, Battaramulla.



  1. I'M Ready for it.I Love Korean Language and I Love to Korea. I wish to Korea come first in Asia then we also we can get up together. I WISH FOR IT.

  2. i am ready for exam ...i love korea..

  3. I am ready for korean exam.....

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    1. anyon haseyo sehom achukka hammnida

  5. yah! i`m on it... korea my fairy land...

  6. Guys This time exam will be more hard. New syllabus There are no any old questions. I heard only 350 vacancies for industrial.. :( :(

  7. I love u 2 koria............

  8. i'm ready too for korea exam.hoh ever i'll pass the exam...

    1. hi
      Are u passed from Korean exam?

  9. i'm ready too exam..how ever i'll pass the exam...

  10. dis my number10010481 we r my plase

    1. Isipathana College-HavelokTown,Colombo 05, 9:30 am. 19th October 2013,, Be there early

    2. Machan uba pass da

    3. Boru kiyanna epa booruwa. Me no. Eka thilak karunarathna kiyala kenekge.

  11. wheres the asoka collage??????

  12. shit happened... Why this exam is too hard.

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    2. oh chesonheyo mothpwathsoyo

  14. ne kareso nado yolsimi kombu hethsoyo

  15. skill test eaka gana wistara ada danawada

  16. dan athe thibba sallith iwarai thwa masa deken web eken namath ain wenawa aparade salli

  17. I ready for exam (Buddhika 0772720938)

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