Sunday, January 19, 2014

International & Private schools in Sri Lanka-Teaching of Mother tongue Religion and History compulsory

Teaching of Mother tongue, Religion and History has been made compulsory for International and Private schools in the country.

Sri Lanka Government announced the Policy Decision of making the teaching of Mother Tongue, Religion and History compulsory in International and Private schools in the county.  It is a contemporary need for the country.  By the year 2016 the subjects of Science and Technology will be taught in most of the schools.  

By that time the students learning these subjects will represent 40 percent.  The percentage of students following Commerce Subjects will be increased to 35 percent and by that time the percentage of students learning Aesthetic subjects will be reduced to 25 percent.  With the establishment of 1000 Mahindodaya Schools throughout the country teaching of Motor Mechanism, Post Harvest and Bio-Technology will be started.  6 billion rupees will be spent for this purpose.  Another 6 billion rupees will be spent for providing equipment required for the schools.  With the start of these schools the rush for obtaining places in the popular schools will come to an end.

The Grade 5 Scholarship Examination will be held this year in accordance with the system that existed.  
These details were given by Minister of Education Bandula Gunawardena participating in the Subharathee Discussion Programme.
The Human Science lecturer Pandula Endagama joining the programme said objective of the Central College concept of the late Mr. C W W Kannangara was to provide all facilities to the Central schools and thereby provide a higher level education to the students in the rural areas.  54 Central Colleges were established throughout the country under this programme.  He said that President Mahinda Rajapakse is carrying forward the Kannangara Chinthana Programme.  He said that the President has pointed out the importance of providing the youth the opportunity of acquiring the knowledge of Heritage, Tank and Reservoir Technology and Ancient Agricultural Research.
Source: SLBC

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