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A/L Econ paper Errors & Faults - CTU / Board refutes statements

A/L Econ paper Errors Teachers Union
A/L Econ paper riddled with Faults & errors – Teachers Union.

Board who prepared this year's A/Level Economics paper refutes the statements made by a certain teacher union.

Commissioner General of examinations Jayantha Pushpakumara says the statements made by a certain teacher union and
a university lecturer regarding the MCQ questions of the first part of Economics of this year's GCE Advanced Level exam are completely false. Both the teacher union and
the university lecturer have stated that five MCQ questions are wrong.  Speaking to the SLBC the exams chief said the Board who prepared the paper had informed him in writing that those statements are completely baseless.  Furthermore, they have also requested all parties not to issue such statements during the examination as it would hamper the mentality of the candidates who are sitting for the exam.  
Source - SLBC

 A/L Econ paper riddled with Faults & errors – Teachers Union.
Lanka Teacher Services Union today alleged that the Advanced Level Economics Paper 1 was full of errors and was substandard. In a letter addressed to the Exams Commissioner the Secretary of the Union Mahinda Jayasinghe claimed that  the paper held on August 5 was riddled with errors.
The letter adds that the Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) numbers 23,25,28,29 and 38 had errors and that the whole paper was set in an substandard manner that did not test the students knowledge in the subject.
The Union claimed that the political decision to replace Prof. Dany Attapattu who has been instrumental in setting the Economics paper for a long time had resulted in the substandard and error filled paper.
Source : AdaDerana

Senior lecturer of Ruhuna University’s Economic Study Unit Nandasiri Keembiya Hetti says that there are shortcomings in the GCE Advanced Level Economics question paper this year.

Keembiya Hetti is among the 39 university teachers who put their signatory to a petition sent to the Examination Commissioner General against the removal of three professors from the A/L question paper making panel.

Meanwhile Lanka Teacher Services Association also wrote today to the Examination Commissioner General about the shortcomings of the A/Level Economics question paper.

The teacher association pointed out the minister’s political blunder which removed Professor Dani Atapattu from the Economic Question Paper making panel is the main reason for the faults.

Ruhuna University Senior lecturer Nandasiri Keembiya Hetti said question numbers 23, 25, 33, 38 and 46 of the multi choice question paper are faulted.

He further said question numbers 5 and 6 of the second part are also faulted.

Senior Lecturer Keembiya Hetti said this year’s Economics question paper is not prepared to balance its relevant syllabus.

The letter sent to the Examination Commissioner General with 39 signatures of university lecturers stated, for the first time in its history, the preparation of Economic question paper was tasked on the Management Faculty.

The significance of this matter is that all 39 signatories to this letter have participated as chief inspectors of Advanced Level question paper marking.

Our news team made several attempts to contact the Examination Commissioner General on his mobile phone intending to obtain his comment on the allegations.

However our attempts were failed as the Examination Commissioner General did not answer.
Source - Hiru

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  1. I was work hard because of get best results for my a/l subjects.but I confused about econ paper.please I may hope do somthing about this paper.


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