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2016 Korean Language Registration Forms Out - Exam Details via

Korean Language Exam October 11 & 12  2014
Korean Exam News Here >>>>>>

Korean Exam Details Here >>>>> 

2016 /2017 Korean Language Proficiency Online Exam Registration Forms out now

The registration forms for the Korean Language Proficiency Examination will issued on June 20-23, 2016 at 15 centres islandwide, Foreign Employment Bureau sources said.

This will be the first exam to be held under the Point System. The Korean Language Proficiency examination prevailed earlier as a written examination but the Human Resources Department of Korea decided to hold it as an online examination in order to overcome shortcomings which prevailed with the written examination.

The online examination is scheduled to be held in July this year at CBT Center in Depanama, Pannipitiya.

Foreign Employment Minister Thalatha Athukorala urged those wanting to sit for the examination to obtain information only from the Foreign Employment Bureau without going to a third party. She also urged applicants to make all payments via the Foreign Employment Bureau and not through unscrupulous third parties.

Exam Details / Exam Results & Applications to sit Korean language exam can be obtain via official website.

Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) says that the applications for the Korean Language Proficiency Examination (KLPE) would be issued Soon.

Korean Exam Details Admission Results & Contact Numbers - Sri Lanka

Korean Exam News Here >>>>>>

Applications to sit Korean language exam issued from April 27 to 30.

14th Korean Language Proficiency Examination 2015 June 13 & 14

The Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau says that the 14th Korean Language Proficiency Examination will be held in next June.  Accordingly, the exams are to be conducted on the 13th and 14th of June, based on an Agreement of understanding between Sri Lanka and Korea.  

Korean Exam News Here >>>>>>

Korean Exam Details Here >>>>> 

කොරියානු භාෂා විභාග June 13 & 14
කොරියානු භාෂා විභාගයේ රවේශපත 

The Bureau says that applications have to be submitted only for the jobs in the Fisheries and Construction Sectors.  The registration of applications will be conducted from the 11th to the 14th of this month at 14 centres in the country.  The activities commence at 9.00 am on each day.  A sum of 32 dollars is to be paid as examination charges.The attendance of the applicant is compulsory at the registration

කොරියානු භාෂා විභාග October 11 & 12
කොරියානු භාෂා විභාගයේ රවේශපත අගෝස්තු 11 වැනිදා සිට

12 වන කොරියානු රැුකියා භාෂා රවීණතා විභාගය සඳහා රවේශපත නිකුත් කිරීම අගෝස්තු 11 වැනිදා සිට 14 වැනිදා දක්වා සිදුකිරීමට කටයුතු යොදා තිබෙන බව ශී ලංකා විදේශ සේවා නියුක්ති කාර්යාංශය පවසනවා. එහි නියෝජ් සාමාන්යාධිකාරී මංගල රන්දෙනිය කියා සිටියේ දිවයින පුරා පිහිටි මධ්යස්ථාන 14 කදී මෙම රවේශපත නිකුත් කරන බවයි.

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