Sunday, September 7, 2014

University leadership training program starts Today

University leadership training program starts Today
The University leadership training program for Sri Lankan students who have qualified to enter University for the 2013/2014 academic year will commence today.
"Lanka University News" wishes all the very Best for all the students !
The 2nd Batch selected students name list will be published September last week in the internet and will send letter in future.

We hope you will share your experience with us and will send your photos to us. We will share those photos. Send Your Photos to below e mail address -

The program (Development of Leadership Qualities and Positive Thinking)is scheduled to start at 22 Army Camps islandwide under 3 stages with the participation of 24,000 students.
This is the 5th phase of the program and Leadership Training started on 2010.

The 1st Batch is to be started September 7th – September 27th
2nd Batch will start October 4th October 24th
3rd Batch will commence from October 30th November 21.


  1. Mama commerce stream. .mama management select vela thiyenne..mage DR 601, IR 2129.. colombo district ..mava colombo campus ekata select veida?

  2. university select hemotama dn oya leadership training eka tiyanwada?

  3. Colombo uni eka nm oyta enne na dr...

  4. Kawruhari dannawada new syllabus art valin Gampaha kee denek select vela thiyanawada kiyala.Danna kenek kiyanna plz..

  5. ekmnta leadrshp 2nd btch ake name lst akath rls krnnaaaa..

  6. 1,5 art jpura set wnwada

  7. Kalin comment kale mgt colombo set weida kyala ahapu kenatai kyanne..oya kelani wat antimta sure kranna epa mn colombo mgt dnta inna kenek

  8. math 1.5 art kalutara.ape scl eke ekkenekwanm giya para 1.57 ganak tibila japura set una.oya mona dis da?

  9. leader ship second batch name list released

  10. Mma art stream.. district matara.. rnk 81. 1.7396k z eka tiynwa.. mm nrml art selected.. bt mona campz eka evida danna knk kiynwda? Mm aplication eke issellma peradeniya illuwa.. passe api apply krpu campz n courses piliwela maaru karana application eka hadala eke issellma colombo.. 2ta japure demma.. ane kiynawda mge 2weni app eka ugc ekn accept kraida kiyla.. danna knk..
    mm leadership cmp 2nd batch select ne.. 3rd ekatawath ahu weida?
    Select unu campus eka mokakkda kiyla dena ganna kramayak nedda? Ane.. plz danna knk kiynnko.. mm hugk aul wela inne


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