Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sri Lanka University Leadership Training Program - 4th Batch

University leadership training program-Sri Lanka Students Ideas & Photos2014 Leadership Training Program Fourth Batch Name list has released by Sri Lanka Higher Education Ministry. 
Enter Your National Identity Card Number (ID No:) and check whether you have selected for the Fourth Batch of Leadership Training Program 2014.

Fourth batch scheduled to start from November 25.

If you have any problem related to University Leadership Training Contact- Operations Room – Telephone Nos. 011-2399314 and 011-2435306

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The UGC announces that students are being enrolled to the universities as per the GCE A Level results of year 2013. 

Medical and engineering courses will commence at the end of this month. Chairperson of the UGC Kshanika Hirimburegama told that the appeals forwarded to the UGC regarding the university entrance is taken in to the consideration at present.

Mahapola Scholarship amount at the universities have been raised. Accordingly, a student will receive 4,000 rupees as the Mahapola stipend and 500 million rupees has been allocated for the research works of the university system.

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We hope you will share your experience with us and you will send your photos to us. Send Your Photos to e-mail


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