Tuesday, September 1, 2015

POS - Point Of Sales Software & Machines in Sri Lanka

POS - Point Of Sales Software & Machines in Sri LankaSmart Your Business !

Sri Lanka's Best Cloud based, Touch Screen Point-Of-Sale (POS) Machine !

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Sales Play Lite introduces All-In-One POS with powerful POS Software, Touch Screen and Cloud based web portal to analyses your business transactions and activities.

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“Next Generation POS for next level of your business”

Sales Play Lite, POS is a POS application that lets you perform even the most sophisticated order processing tasks at the touch of your fingertips. Your retail location has never run so smoothly!

Special Features

1. Touch screen
2. Internal Printer
3. Customer Display
4. Cash Drawer
5. Inventory and Invoicing Control
6. Cloud Connected
7. Complete Reports
8. Back-Up Battery
9. Internet and email
10. Text Messaging

Browse your full product line, make selections, view customer information and process orders anywhere in your store from your PC.
As the business environment is highly dynamic and competition is growing fast, today business are facing many challenges. In order to face the competition Businesses should walk with modern technology. POS machines are the ideal solution to move with modern technology.

POS - Point Of Sales Software & Machines in Sri LankaMany technological waves are blowing across Sri Lanka, In order to survive in the market we should move with those waves. Touch Screens, Android Platforms and Be SMART ! are several latest technological waves.

First time in Sri Lanka our POS machine could be connected with a Web Portal which includes reports as well as analytic tools.  This will help you to supervise, access to sales and inventory data while you are stay away from your business place.
Buying a Point-Of-Sale (POS) system may seem like a trouble and an unnecessary expense, but if you look closer and listen to us carefully, you’ll find clear gains of it and you will realize how it is important for modern day businesses.
This POS is not similar to a traditional POS machine you see in most locations. This is All-In-One POS with powerful POS Software, Touch Screen and Cloud based web portal. This modern POS comes with a solution “Next Generation POS for next level of your business”.
Great technology for your business can be expensive but one of main advantages of this modern POS solution is affordable price.
 Our idea is to ease daily operational task efficiently. The software is a standardized and user-friendly application which included more operational tasks. The POS machine comes with in-built components like Thermal Printer, Barcode Reader and it requires a small space.
Call - 0113358423


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