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2018 Campus Z score Cut Off marks Released to & websites

Much awaited, Z Score Cut off marks for the 2017/2018 university academic year released to and website.

2018 z score PDF file.

English - Click

Students those who have issues and problems with University Entrance, Z Scores and Aptitude Tests can get further details from below mentioned Telephone numbers. 

Call UGC – 0112695301, 0112695302, 0112692357, 0112675854

Don’t hesitate to call UGC and get expert advice to your problems. They are very friendly and will solve your all problems.

Also students should send an appeal to the UGC in written. Students should forward a written appeal to the UGC along with the documentary evidence in support of the appeal. A photocopy of the appeal application form in the UGC admission handbook could be used as the appeal format. Appeal should be forwarded to the UGC before August 26.

Z Score Released!
Appeals Before August 26!

Campus Starts November !

University Z Score Cut Off Marks to release 2018 June to

Sri Lanka University Grants Commission UGC sources say cut-off marks for entrance to university for the academic year 2017-2018 release 208 June.
විශ්ව විද්යාල ප්රවේශ ඉසඩ් ලකුණු විශ්ව විද්‍යාල ප්‍ර‍වේශය සදහා කඩයිම් ලකුණු නිකුත් කිරීම
Minimum Z-scores for selection to courses of study of universities in respect of each district and detailed information of course selection based on the GCE (A/L) Examination in 2017 can be accessed through the following modes after release;

1. Websites

2. Call 1919 (Government Information Centre)

3. SMS to 1919
Format:  ugc <space> Index Number -> send to 1919
Example: ugc 2223322 ->send to 1919

4. Call UGC – 0112695301, 0112695302, 0112692357, 0112675854

2017/2018 University Academic Year students read this full article. (Important)

Good news for students. 
University Handbook Released January 5.
Deadline / Closing date is January 26th. 

විශ්ව විද්යාල රවේශ අත්පොත January 05 නිකුත් කර 

Campus Handbook for University entrance has been printed in three languages and released January 5 to island-wide agents & bookshops. Students can buy book for Rs. 500.  Apply via Online UGC official website. Read book carefully and apply online.

UGC says Students can Only apply through the Internet this time (Only Apply via Online). After that Registration printout should enclosed to the Envelope provided with Handbook and should be send via post to UGC.

Students can use "Nenasala Centers" for online registration purposes freely.

Student can apply Click Here

University HandBook Distribution Agents District wise - Click

Process of calling for university applications for new academic year will begin from January 5th. Deadline is January 26th. 

Campus HandBook (විශ්ව විද්‍යාල ප්‍රතිපාදන කොමිෂන් සභාව නිකුත් කර ඇති විශ්ව විද්‍යාල අත්පොත) RELEASE January 5.

2017/2018 University Academic Year students read this full article. (Important)

Handbook Released January 5!

Deadline / Closing Date January 26
Z Score Release June!
No Leadership Training !
Campus Starts November !

විශ්ව විද්යාල රවේශ අත්පොත January නිකුත් කර ඇත. මෙවර එම ප්රවේශ අත්පොත ඉතා සරලව සකස් කර ඇති අතර  පිළිබඳව පුවත් පත් මගින් ප්රචාරයක් ලබාදීමට  විශ්වවිද්යාල ප්රතිපාදන කොමිසන් සභාව පියවර ගෙන තිබෙනවා.
විශ්ව විද්යාල ප්රවේශ අත්පොත වෙළෙඳපලට නිකුත් වීමත් සමගම එය අන්තර්ජාලයට  එක් කරන බවයි විශ්ව විද්යාල ප්රතිපාදන කොමිෂන් සභාව සඳහන් කළේ.

මෙවර බදවා ගන්නා ශිෂ් සංඛ්යාව විසිහත් දහසකි. විශ්ව විද්යාල 15 ක් සහ උසස් අධ්යාපන ආයතන 18 ක් සදහායි.  ඔන්ලයින් රමයට අයදුම් කළ හැකිවීම මෙවර ඇති විශේෂත්වයක්.

Students can Apply & download details Click Here

University HandBook Distribution Agents District wise - Click

Full Article - Click Here >>>

Sri Lanka Higher Education Ministry sources says that the students who are qualified for the 2018 University Academic year based on 2017 A/L results will be admitted to campuses before the end of 2018.

 (IMPORTANT Share with Other Friends)

About 27,000 students will be enrolled for this academic year. Several new subject streams to be introduce this year.

Z Score Cut off marks for the 2017/2018 university academic year will released before June Month.

Here is the 2018 z score pdf files.

English - Click

Here is the 2017 z score pdf files.

English - Click

Here is the 2016 z score pdf files.

PDF File Click Here 

Here is the 2015 z score pdf files.

New Syllabus Sinhala – Click

New Syllabus English - Click

Z score cut off marks of Past years can be obtained from web Site or

If you want to get an idea whether you have selected to University or not, just follow last years’ Z Score attached abow. 

But this will Not exactly tell you, that you would select for this year. Also you can get an idea by comparing your Island Rank & District Rank with a friend or student who selected campus for earlier Academic year. 

Please consider these options only an indication. To know it exactly whether you selected university or not, students have to wait till Z Score officially release.

Here we, "Lanka University News" has forecast Re scrutiny, University Handbook issuing & Z score Cut off marks releasing dates. Lanka University News will update details as soon as we get the exact information.

Students those who have issues and problems with University Entrance, can get further details using below mentioned HOT LINES & Telephone numbers.

Students - 1919, Call 011-2695301,011-2695302, 011-2692357 or 011-2678731  & Get Experts' Advises to Higher Education & University related Issues.

Don’t hesitate to call UGC or Higher Education Ministry to get detail as they are very friendly and helpful. Students can get expert advice and can solve your all academic problems.

UGC asked students to read newspapers regularly to know about Aptitude Test and exam details.

University Entrance process will be as follows. 

  1. A/L Results release
  2. University Hand Book release
  3. Buy University handbook & read it carefully
  4. Online Registration & Send print out via post to UGC
  5. Based on students’ desired course students have to apply for Aptitude tests after publishing on national newspapers. 
  6. Sit for Aptitude Tests depend on their selected courses. Then aptitude test results will released by relevant universities.
  7. Re-scrutinized / Re- correction A/Level results release. 
  8. Z score cut off marks will be release
  9. University Registration via online
  10. Students will receive selected Course & University

After University Admission Lettersstudents will receive Campus Registration Forms, Mahapola / Bursary Applications, Hostel Registration forms and Medical Forms.

Contact UGC for more information 011-2695301,011-2695302, 011-2692357 or 011-2678731 

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