Monday, July 15, 2013

Inter University Student Federation (IUSF) Convener Released on Bail

Inter University Student Federation (IUSF) convener Sanjeewa Bandara has been released on bail by Colombo Fort Magistrate Court. 
Also he was prohibited from entering the premises of any University in the country by the Court. 
Bandara who was arrested for disregarding police orders and organizing a demonstration, was further remanded until July 15 on July 12 by the Gangodawila Magistrate’s Court.
When the case was taken up today, Mirihana Police informed court that Sanjeewa Bandara is not a university student and that this has been confirmed by the Vice Chancellors of the Ruhunu and Sri Jayawardenapura universities.
Therefore he has no right to illegally organize a protest march with the participation of students from those respective universities, police said. 
Bandara was arrested on July 08 for organizing a protest on June 26 while ignoring orders issued by the police.

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