Thursday, December 20, 2012

Release Jaffna University students-HRW

Release Jaffna University students-HRW Sri Lanka
Human Rights Watch urged Sri Lankan government authorities should immediately release or credibly charge four students from Jaffna University who have been detained since early December 2012.
Terrorist Investigation Department of Sri Lanka arrested the University students amid clashes with the police in Jaffna.
Human Rights Watch also alleged that around 10 December they were transferred to the Rehabilitation Centre in Welikanda.
Commission also stressed “The Sri Lankan authorities should realize that such actions generate legitimate grievances, not reconciliation.”
The four students – Sanmugam Solaman, Kanagasundram Jenamajenth, Paramalingam Tharshaanan, and V. Bhavananadam – were initially detained at the TID offices in Vavuniya. Around December 10 they were transferred to the Rehabilitation Centre in Welikanda, which holds an estimated 600 alleged former LTTE fighters. Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa reportedly told Jaffna University teachers on December 15 that the students would be released after they had been rehabilitated due to their involvement in terrorist activities