Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Skoool Sri Lanka-Science Maths & English Lessons Web site Skoool Sri Lanka
Skoool Sri Lanka( is a web site where Students can learn online Maths,Science & English Lessons. Web Site Link - Click
Skoool Sri Lanka is an Intel® driven initiative that brings you highly innovative, interactive and exciting learning resources via cutting edge technologies and devices.
skoool Sri Lanka provides learners and teachers with all they need to support their understanding of Science and Maths.
skoool Sri Lanka is the first resource of its kind designed specifically for the students and teachers of these subjects. It leverages the expertise of top teachers in their fields for the development of its content.
skoool Sri Lanka will provide valuable resources to help students Learn and Revise for their Exams, and to enable students and teachers to Explore the wider world of education. The objective is to provide a rich and integrated approach to Science and Maths. All content developed for the site will be based on identified areas of difficulty in these subjects.
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