Monday, September 2, 2013

Gateway International School Star student denied entry to local University

A star student from Wennappuwa, who obtained four ‘A’s in the Science stream of the London Advanced Level examination, has been denied entry to local universities.
Don Judith Saumya Peries, who studied at Gateway International School, Negombo, topped the results islandwide in the Science medium by obtaining four ‘A’s in the London Advanced Level examination.   
However, the student who dreamt of becoming a doctor had her hopes dashed after local universities turned down her application.
The distraught teenager and her parents have alleged that the right to education of the student had been violated due to her not being admitted to a local university.
The parents, Lakshman Peries and Malkanthi Medagoda, said they are ‘heartbroken’ by the plight of their daughter who was born in Italy.
Saumya had obtained nine ‘A’s including five ‘A’s at the London Ordinary Level exam had opted for the Science medium in the London Advanced Level exam.
Source : CeylonToday


  1. You cant enter to a local university by doing London A/Ls.Student and her parents must have known that before choosing London A/L instead of Local A/Ls.So this is ridiculous since there is a huge difference between those 2 A/Ls.

  2. Saumya's parents must be joking. Local universities are for students who have done local A/Ls. There is a big standard difference between London A/Ls and local A/Ls. It is common knowledge that local A/Ls Science and Maths streams are in the most difficult exams in the world. If Saumya's parents were so interested in sending the daughter to a local university she too should have sat for local A/Ls in the English medium. They are just shedding crocodile tears.

  3. it is easy to get a good result in London A/l rather than Local A/L. So both exam results can't be compared.

  4. She s a bright student right?
    So let her take Local A/L and prove her self once. Then she'll be given admission to local universities.

  5. If Gateway star student wants to enter a local university there is only one thing for her to do which is to sit for Local A/Ls next time. Then we can see how the super duper kid performs.

  6. The owners of Gateway and CeylonToday are the same. Hence this article which is trying to find a way for students who sit the London A/Ls to enter local universities.

    1. well that makes sense then.. what i dont understand is why a site like this quote all that crap.

    2. Alles' have shares in both.

  7. This is all bullshit! Whoever wrote the damn article doesn't know the difference between local A/Ls and London A/Ls.


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