Tuesday, September 3, 2013

100% Scholarship Program by Victoria Higher Education Campus - Apply Now

Victoria Higher Education Campus in Sri Lanka, working in collaboration with the renowned University of Greenwich, London, would like to offer generous Full 100% scholarships and Scholarships range 25% to 100% to selected Sri Lankan students who are not in a financial position to afford university tuition fees. 

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011-5 97 97 97
Email:  n.browne@vhec.edu.lk
Web Site  www.vhec.edu.lk

The degrees offer by Victoria Higher Education Campus is internationally recognized and are internal degrees from the University of Greenwich. 

Current 3 years undergraduate program are:
BA (Honours) International Business
BA (Honours) Accounting & Finance
BSc (Honours) Computer Science
The scholarships cover the entire three years of uninterrupted study. The only additional costs would be re-sits for failed examinations. The scholarships of between 25% and 100% cover all examination and tuition fees.
There are no other hidden costs such as library, building or administration fees; all students get free internet and electronic learning resources, use of our comprehensive library and use of state-of-the-art facilities.
The minimum requirements for qualification for the scholarships are:
Sri Lankan citizens, A/L Exam with 3 “C” Grade passes or better and Grade “C” pass for English.
Victoria Higher Education Campus is located in Colombo 03 near the British Council.
For More Information
Tel: 011-5 97 97 97
Email:  n.browne@vhec.edu.lk