Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Moratuwa Engineering Faculty Re-open Feb 26

MORA UNIVERSITY CAMPUS RE OPENThe Moratuwa University Officials have decided to re-open the Engineering Faculty on February 26 while keeping the Institute of Technology closed for a few more days.
Vice Chancellor Prof. Ananda Jayawardena said that the engineering faculty would be reopened on February 26 for academic activities.
The University’s engineering faculty and the Institute of Technology were closed and the premises declared out of bounds for students until further notice on Jan. 17 following the previous night’s violent attack on the male hostel of the engineering undergraduates.
Prof. Jayawardena said that the situation was still not good enough to re-start academic sessions for both sections and that was the reason for opening the engineering faculty first.
He said that the Institute of Technology would also be reopened soon as examinations for the National Diploma in Technology should begin on April 01 and the final year NDT students had to do their practical sessions.
Higher Education Minister S. B. Dissanayake said that a group of NDT students, led by their students’ union, met him at the ministry last week and assured that they would not engage in activities which would lead to clashes with engineering undergraduates.
He said that they planned to relocate the Institute of Technology to Homagama and it was a long term solution to bring an end to clashes between the NDT students and the engineering undergraduates.
"At the final phase of the project, we will set up a university to enable NDT students to obtain a degree," Dissanayake said.

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  1. Some relief to Engineering undergraduates.
    Troublemakers who disrupt universities are only a handful and they must be identified, denied access and dealt with according to the law while others are allowed to pursue their studies. Haphazard closure of the universities amount to collective punishment and the worst affected are the peace loving undergraduates who are in the majority. The best antidote to violence and other forms of disruptions to university education, is to keep universities open with police protection, conduct lectures and hold examinations on schedule.


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