Friday, November 8, 2013

Inter University Students’ Federation Protest Colombo

Inter University Students’ Federation Protest Colombo
Sri Lanka major students union Inter University Students’ Federation IUSF (Anthare) to be launched a huge protest today at 12 noon in front of Fort Railway Colombo.

Students’ union launching the protest against the government special Gazette notice about "Free Education Zones" and against the government decision to close down the all universities for CHOGM.

All internal students in universities in the island granted holidays by UGC from November 9 to 17 in order to study about the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

The Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) claimed that the campus is being closed so as to prevent the undergraduates from convening and forming protest campaigns during the international event.

However, several university students unions launched a protest campaign yesterday against the decision to close down. They alleged that the government was closing down universities to prevent protests during the event.

Students of Peradeniya,Kelaniya,Ruhuna and Rajarata universities were protested over the government decision.

Sri Lanka government has decided to grant 15 years tax holidays via special gazette notice to set up a British Central Lancashire University (Uclan Sri Lanka)  in Meerigama

IUSF launched an islandwide awareness program.Under this program IUSF has started to distribute 100000 copies of University students’ newspaper ‘Sisu Handa’ to educate the public about the Government's attempt to destroy free education introducing "Education Investment Zones" IUSF Media Spokesperson Haritha told Lanka University


  1. What IUSF claims (“…campus is being closed so as to prevent the undergraduates from convening and forming protest campaigns during the international event”) is true. So now they protest not because they miss lectures but because they cannot organize any protest during this international event. I do not see anything wrong in granting holidays if they are going to cover up missed lectures.

    1. Mama aaurwedic select una..government physioyherapy ekatath awa.mama 2tama aasae..eth ee deken godak hoda mokakda kyla kaatahari kynna puluwnda

  2. IUSF and JVP is going to our country.they need to do unstable the srilanka and come to the political power.pls allow to estabilish private universities in srilanka and allow others to be educate.

  3. UcLan university warmly welcome to srilanka.Dont be afraid to IUSR or JVO ponzzzz


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