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Sri Lanka University Admission Hand Book - Tomorrow or Thursday

University Admission Hand Book for the 2013/2014 Academic year
University Admission Hand Book for the 2013/2014 Academic year has been printed and will be available to students tomorrow or Thursday University Grants Commission Chairperson Prof. Kshanika Hiriburegama told the LankaUniversity-News. Relevant newspaper advertisement will be published Thursday.
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Meanwhile, Prof Hirimburegama said that 2 new courses will be introduced for university students in this year. Accordingly, Translation Education will be introduced at the Kelaniya, Sabaragamuwa and Jaffna Universities. Software Engineering will be introduced for the Kelaniya University and will admit 15 students. 

The Sri Lankan University Grants Commission (UGC) would call applications for the 2013/2014 Academic year university admissions based on the 2013 GCE A/L examination from the last weeks of April month.
The admission of new students will take place in October.  Around 25,000 students are to be admitted to the universities.

UGC Hand book, a student guide that contains the application form will be available at major bookshops soon. The cost of the book will be Rs . 500. 

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The form should be filled carefully and all courses that the candidate qualifies should be mentioned according to his or her preference and sent to the University Grants Commission.
UGC have added several new courses to the new university entrance handbook.

Aptitudes Tests details, Z score Cut Off MARKS release dates & University Leadership Training details will be informed near future via Newspapers & Media

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  1. நான் 2012/2013ம் ஆண்டுக்குரிய பல்கலைக்கழக மாணவன்
    எப்போது எங்களுக்குரிய பல்கலைக்கழகம் தொடங்கும்? பரீட்சை
    எழுதி 1 வருடமும் 8 மாதமும் ஆகின்றது. அதட்குள் ஆணைக்குழுவின் புதிய ஆண்டிற்கான புத்தகம் வருகின்றது இது சிரிப்பிட்குரியது

  2. recorrection results natuva kohomada apply karanne

    1. results heta 24 enawa. mma ahuva education ministry eken

    2. Thama awe nane?.

    3. ada 25i. ko ane enava kiwwa recorrection?mama UGC ekata call karala ahuva 'recorrection natuva kohomada api campus application eka fill karann' kiyala. eyala idan kiyanava apita parana resultsma dala evannalu, eyala recorrection ehen edit karagannava kiyala.mama danna taramin giya paraval valadi ehema campus hand book eka enna kalin recorrection enava. me para mokada danne na aula meyalage.

  3. eka thama..ko recorrection results??????

  4. re-correction annethna..admission annethna..balagiri dose..api ethin boruwata rawatenawa withrai...heta naththan anidda awilu..anidda naththan en anidda ei kiyai...okkoma boru..

    1. Aththa thami.kawadada welawata wadak karanne.

  5. admission book eka dala..awasan dawasa MAY 19..

  6. I did OL in Colombo. AL in Kegalle. What will be my district for university admission. Pl help

  7. ane manda me para results eddi loku aulak une nathi nisa recorrection aulak karanna hadanavada koheda.

  8. re correctin dala....yantham magenam Z aga elakkam deka witharai wenas..


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