Saturday, December 10, 2022

Become a voluntary smoke vehicle spotter in Sri Lanka -Lets clear the Air

Department of Motor Traffic, Vehicular Emission Test Trust Fund, requests the public to send spotter photographs of heavy smoky vehicle on the road, mentioning the vehicle registration number, time and location via WhatsApp or Viber 0703500525.

You can become a voluntary smoky vehicle spotter if you see any heavy smoky vehicle on the road. Please take a picture with vehicle number and send to VET Program via WhatsApp or Viber 0703500525 told Nanda Lal Senaratne Environment Development Officer at Ministry of Environment during a training program on “Eco Journalism” for journalists at Sri Lanka Press Institute (SLPI).

Vehicle Emission Testing Program will take action against vehicle owners.

Also public can send through Facebook message, email , or inform VET through Hot Line: 0113100152, Tel/Fax: 0112669915 (VET office at DMT). You can also inform through Web site

Not only smoked vehicles but also public can raise any complain regarding the misconducts of emission centers via above contact details.


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