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A/L Results 2012 Released

A/L Results 2012

The results of 2012 GCE Advanced Level (A/L) examination have been released short while ago to the internet. 
Candidates can check their results online from the department’s website 

At the moment Web site is very slow due to High Traffic. So better get it via SMS.

Get A/L Results by sms.

Type EXAMS <SPACE> INDEX NO and send to

Dialog   7777
Mobitel  8884
Etisalat  3926
Airtel     7545
Hutch    8888

The results will be made available to schools the tomorrow.

Old News
The results of 2012 GCE Advanced Level (A/L) examination will be released on Wednesday January 30 according to the Department of Examinations.
Candidates can check their results online from the department’s website from 5am on Wednesday. The results will be made available to schools the same day.
The results of the 2012 examination were delayed due to the trade union action launched by university lecturers during the final months of last year, the department said.
A total of 277,452 candidates sat for the 2012 A/L examination. According to the department, 235,774 sat under the new syllabus and 41,678 under the old syllabus.
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  1. If only 41678 students of the old syllabus sat for the 2012 A/L exam the number of students qualified to do Engineering should be very much less. According to the cut-off marks released for 2011 A/L exam 1,562 students had been selected for Engineering and 772 were from old syllabus and 790 of them were from the new syllabus. Which means around 50% of the total Engineering intake has been from 2nd and 3rd attempt students. When you compare with last few years majority of students entering the Engineering faculty has been from the 1st attempt students.

  2. Academic Year 2011/2012 Based on GCE (A/L) Exam 2011
    Z-Score cut off marks for Engineering - Colombo District
    Old Syllabus 1.7272
    New Syllabus 2.0317

    For the last two years Colombo District Engineering cut-off marks were as follows:-

    Academic Year cut-off marks
    2010/2011 1.8968
    2009/2010 1.9170

    Colombo District Engineering cut-off marks has always been 1.8 or 1.9. We hope based on GCE (A/L) Exam 2012, New Syllabus students will not be at a disadvantage due to Supreme Court ruling.

  3. When computing the ratios for university entrance it is of paramount importance that the University Grants Commission (UGC) considers the population of Colombo district according to the latest census rather than taking 1993 population for calculations and admitting lesser number of students to the Engineering faculty from the Colombo District.

    As students who received their GCE A/L 2012 results recently we hope the new chairman of the UGC, at least will rectify this anomaly that has been plaguing the prospective Engineering students of the Colombo district for a very long time.

  4. According to the minimum Z-scores published in the UGC website for University Admission – Academic Year 2011/2012 based on A/L 2011-New Syllabus results, the cut-off marks for the following courses of study has not been recorded. The courses of study are as follows:-

    Information Systems (University of Colombo School of Computing {UCSC})
    Computation and Management ( Peradeniya University)
    Information and Communication Technology {ICT}( Ruhuna University, Jaffna –Vavuniya campus) Please publish the minimum Z-scores for above courses of study in your website at your earliest.

    1. The details for Colombo District are as follows:-



      INFORMATION SYSTEMS (University of Colombo School of Computing) 1.761

    2. From the UGC website the above details could be obtained District vice but only in the Lake House Dinamina Link the above details are not recorded.

  5. minimum of arts haw much.?


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