Friday, February 1, 2013

A/L Re-Correction (Re-Scrutiny) Applications

The re-scrutiny results of GCE Advanced Level (A/L) examination release to Click 

The Examinations Department says that applications for the re-correction of GCE Advanced Level results should be submitted before February 02.
Commissioner General of Examinations said that school candidates can obtain their applications from their respective school principal.

School candidates should forward their applications through the Principals of respective schools along with the results sheet and the re-scrutiny appeal application, the Exam Chief said.

He said that steps have been taken send application forms along with the results sheets to all schools islanwide.
He further said that private candidates should follow the instructions set out in the national newspapers in order to submit their applications. Newspaper Ads Click here

Meanwhile several hotlines have been introduced to respond to those inquiries regarding the exam results.

Hot Line - 1911

Re-scrutiny of Exam Results of GCE (A/L)

Step 1: Applicant obtains a sample application  form a national newspaper. 

Step 2: Based on the sample application, applicant prepares and fills Re-scrutiny form.

Step 3: Applicant goes to the post office and makes payments via money order 

Step 4:
 Applicant then attaches the receipt to the application that is to be posted to the Department of Examinations.

Step 5: Application is posted to the Department of Examination

Step 6: The Department receives and processes the application 

Step 7: The Department would then issue the Re-scrutinized results based on the application.

- If the Applicant is a school candidate, the application should be forwarded through the school

Rates for Payments:
GCE Ordinary Level - Rs. 100.00 per Subject
GCE Advanced Level - Rs. 150.00 per Subject

The Timeline
Obtaining an Application Form 

Application forms will be available soon after the Department of Examinations publishes them on National newspapers. 

Submission of the Application Form
Applications must be submitted before the dead line stated in the newspaper advertisement

If the application form has not been filled accordingly or if the receipt has not been attached the applicant will be disqualified.